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May 2018 – Pre-Order

Issue 8 of Tattoo Fan Magazine is full of more great interviews, articles and features. Bringing you closer to the skin alongside the artists we are thrilled to share with you!

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April 2018 – Issue Seven

Issue 7 of Tattoo Fan Magazine is shaping up to the best yet, with more excellent interviews, articles and features on the world of tattooing. As always, we aim to bring you the best, freshest content from around the tattooing world!

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March 2018 – Issue Six

The 6th issue of Tattoo Fan Magazine will feature Popek Monster and Marcin Łukasiewicz! Every month we work to bring you the most up to date news throughout the industry and plenty of interesting interviews and content to look forward to.

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February 2018 – Issue Five

The main interviews in the 5th edition of Tattoo Fan Magazine will be none other than the legendary Zappa Razzi, Sile Sanda, Alex Rattray, Cecil Porter, and Joanna Zielinska! As with every month, there will be a huge amount of awesome and interesting articles as well as up-to-date information and news within the industry.

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January 2018 – Issue Four

Our fullest issue yet.

Take a journey into the mind of the lines and shapes with the Shamanistic Piotr Szot and learn more about him and his methods. More interviews within this issue contain the black & grey wonderkid Owen Paulls, the surrealistic Piotr Dedel and the realism expert Jozsef Torok, and more! As always there are more wonderful articles inside.

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December 2017 – Issue Three

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way!

Our December issue was sure packed with wonderfully wrapped articles and interviews. Featuring the world-class Grindesign as our cover along with the phenomenal black and grey wizard Thomas Carli-jarlier and crazy styles of Łukasz Sokołowski. Own a copy today!

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November 2017 – Issue Two

Our second issue is filled with star studded realism talents from across the world.

It kicks off with E4’s Tattoo Artist of the Year’s Luke Sayer as our featured cover artist, along with one of the most respected names in Europe – Pavel Krim, before going back to the UK in the form of the ever so talented Jurgis Mikalauskas & colourful Damian Gorski.

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October 2017 – Issue One

Our first issue!

This issue contains the interviews of the wonderfully talented Ben Kaye, Yarson Stahowic, Tomasz ‘Tofi’ Torfinski & Daryl Watson as well as some interesting articles!

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Brak w magazynie


Welcome to issue 8 of Tattoo Fan Magazine. We’ve got some fiery content for you this month! The pyro-happy Psycho Dolls lay it all out in our interview with them! Interviews with Jack Peppiette, galleries and articles – all ready for you to devour. We even head to the circus! Enjoy the ink and stories ahead and thanks for reading!

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“Talent is a flame. Genius is a fire.” – Bernard Williams

Our Team

Maria Smigiel

I represent the Polish part of the team that created the Tattoo-Map project. I have been an art historian and have been interested in tattoos since I remember. For a long time asked whether the tattoo can be art, I definitely answer – YES (which does not mean that every tattoo artist must be an artist 😉)

Matt MacLennan

I’m the newest member of the team and I bring a love of extreme music, gruesome movies and blackwork tattoos to the mix. A tattoo fan who writes for Tattoo Fan Magazine – it just makes sense.


Drydock Tattoo Open At New Location

The vibrant and powerful tattoos of Fraser Peek have a new home! The new studio location in The Historic Dockyard in Kent should be the next stop for anyone looking to get high-quality, timeless work done in the area. Anyone looking to get booked in should contact the studio at

Mark Bester Guest Seminar At The Tattoo Academy

On the 14th and 15th of May, Mark Bester joins The Tattoo Academy in Stockton-on-Tees for a colour tattoo workshop and seminar. Artists looking to learn from a master of colourful realism should get in touch with The Tattoo Academy for bookings and more info!

VideoGameTatts Crowdfunding First Hardback Collection

The founders of the VideoGameTatts community are crowdfunding a 144-page hardback book featuring video game inspired tattoos from all over the world. There are several levels of pledges that can be made, all going towards creating a gorgeous book to whip out and stare at for hours. Some exceptional artists are already involved including Chris Morris, Matthew Larkin, Simon K Bell and many more! Visit their IndieGoGo page for more info

Mixture Tattoo Studio Grand Opening and Competition!

A brand new studio opening up in Reading, England. The amazing Jakub Hendrix and Wojtek Czop are the first two resident artists announced. Bookings are now live for both artists and the grand opening is on the 14th of February. They can made via

In conjunction of its grand opening, they are hosting a competition over on their facebook (@mixture tattoo) in which you can win one of 2! Yes, 2 full day tattoo sessions with any resident.

Head on over to enter and be sure to read the rules. The competition closes on the 15th of February, good luck!

Thomas Carli-jarlier & Matteo Pasqualin Seminar

Thomas & Matteo are extremely proud to announce that they will be hosting a 2 day seminar in June later this year which will be held in the beautiful French city, Clermont Ferrand. The seminar will be available in both English and French. There are no exact dates set for the convention but it will almost definitely be around the beginning of June.

You can sign up for this seminar by contacting

The Third Interactive Tattoo Seminar
7-10th October 2018

Get up close and personal with this selection of the worlds best tattoo artists!
Alex Pancho, Jak Connolly, Sam Barber and Silvano Fiato complete the seminars line-up. There are extremely limited seats available and selection starts from spring. Please write to for more information.

Rugby Club Offers Free Tattoos To Dedicated Supporters

Gloucester Rugby Club will pay supporters to have their new club badge tattooed on them – if they already have a tattoo of the old badge! Sports fans are often decked out in tattoos dedicated to the team they love, so this is an interesting (and possibly expensive!) endeavour for a professional sports club to undertake. We love the idea though!

Pope Francis Is A-Okay With Tattoos

In a recent discussion with young people from around the world, Pope Francis was asked about tattoos in the modern world. The Pope urged people – “don’t be afraid of tattoos”, and to instead use them as a point to begin a dialogue. Predictably, there has been backlash and pleasure from both within and outwith the church.

Chris Hill Joins White Dragon Tattoo Family/Full Day Giveaway!

White Dragon Tattoo Family in Belfast are welcoming the multi-talented Chris Hill to their studio this month. Chris’ work is colourful, innovative and if you’re looking for cartoon/anime/pop culture inspired work, there’s few better. Visit Chris’ Facebook and like, share and comment on his post to be in with a chance of winning a full day with the maestro himself

Stephen Kelly Joins Irezumi Tattoo Studio in Glasgow!

Irezumi are pleased to announce that Stephen Kelly will be coming on board and  are taking bookings with him from the 7th March. If you’d like to get booked in with Stephen then email direct to

Jakub Hendrix Golebiewski returns to the UK!

After some time away, the brilliant Jakub Hendrix has announced his plans to return to the UK…for good! He’ll be tattooing out of a brand new studio called Mixture Tattoo in Reading. Jakub’s books are now open so it’s a great chance to get in early. Contact Jakub via his social media pages or send an email to

Gzy Ex Silesia joining Inkdependent Tattoo Edinburgh

After spending two years in Manchester, Gzy Ex Silesia has recently made the move up north to join Inkdependent Tattoo in Edinburgh!

Bookings are now open and if you’re interested in receiving something by him then contact the studio or Gzy at the email below.


How many people make up your team, and organised them originally?
PSYCHO DOLLS are “crazy dolls”, transforming madness into passion and energy, into a fantastic show full of femininity and sex appeal. We are a group of girls with extreme interests and a passion for adrenaline. By combining these features and emotions and our diverse characters, we have created this unique show together. PSYCHO, because we are not afraid of challenges and fire, we know what we want, we like danger and we feed on adrenaline. DOLLS, because it’s a group of unusual and completely different girls. All different but each is strong, courageous and have a fire in their hearts. The team includes Naffti Mama, Malina-Satan Sister, Peachy Kopa, Baby Face Waleria, Akro Ya Mayka, Shazza Extaz and Gumbi Ninja.

When and where did the idea come from, to set up Psycho Dolls?
The founding member of our project is Naffti – Kinga, who wanted to be a firefighter but wasn’t permitted to learn. She said that if she can not extinguish it, then she will make the fire! But seriously, the idea was born thanks to the motocross events at which she worked. As you know, testosterone dominates such events, and they lacked a female voice. When looking for attractions at similar events, the idea to blend fire with dancing arose. Looking for the perfect solution, Kinga decided to create her own group. Five years ago, the search for equally fiery girls, dancers and masochists began. We are the first group of this type in Poland, of which we are very proud.

The name of your group is very appropriate – you must be a little “psycho” to choose to carry out such extreme exploits. For those who don’t yet know, and have not had the opportunity to see you live, please tell us a little bit about what your show is about.
Haha! That’s right. You have to be a little crazy to deal with it. The show full of adrenaline, with live fire on the stage, beautiful women and lots of energy. Dance and fire tricks – fire breathing, fire eating and body burning are an inseparable part of our performances. You can not describe it – come and see it yourself.

Fire is usually something we have been told to avoid since childhood. Boys usually dream about extinguishing them, yet you decided to create the fire. What about the danger? You can’t eliminate the risks altogether, do you always have other factors to take into account? How much work is necessary to maintain the levels of professionalism?
As the “Psycho Dolls”, each of us has always been drawn to danger and extreme emotions. Although we are crazy – safety is always the most important issue. The risk of burns is always going to be there. That is why it is the first thing that we consider when planning shows. Our safety and our viewers’ safety is our priority. We work all the time in the workshop because we want to grow. We have regular rehearsals and meetings where we work on what else we can do to surprise and how to spice up our show. Additionally, we practice stage movement and acrobatics.

You must be addicted to the adrenaline. You surely cannot do such things if you can’t handle strong emotions? Do you still get stage fright or fear? Maybe they are feelings that no longer grace you once you get on to the stage?
Yes, as we mentioned (already a million times), we definitely like adrenaline! We get jitters every single time! There is no difference if we perform for 10 or 100,000 people – we always give 200% of ourselves, which is why there is so much stress. However, when it comes to fear – there is no place for it. We are dealing with an element that we must tame, which is why fear, and above all panic, are not allowed in such circumstances.

And what skills does a girl need if she wants to join and be one of your team?
To join Psycho Dolls you must have the fire in you! Be a courageous and open person not afraid of hard work and, above all, fire! You have to love yourself and be sure of your femininity. We love it when someone brings new skills to the group. It gives us the opportunity to diversify our show, develop with each other and acquire new skills. In one sentence, you have to be ONE BAD ASS MOTHERF-CKER!

You are not the only group that performs “fire show” performances. What distinguishes you from the rest of the pack?
There’s definitely diversity among each group, each of us is completely different and you can see it on the stage.
We’re like a candy store – everyone can find something that suits them. Starting from hair colour, tattoos, attitudes. We all have (oddly, very masculine) alter egos. which we like to joke about. Because rock’n’roll is not a tube of cream. Our shows differ significantly from the classic fire show performed in the past. With our diverse music and climate, which we can build around us, through our carefully practiced choreography and costumes that awaken the imagination of the audience, ending with even more attraction. In addition to the fire show, we also have someone dancing with a snake, dancing in the air and also on the pole. We are flexible, without any problems we can adapt to the customers’ needs. Beyond the stage, we like to create a hot atmosphere. We have fun and are happy to pose for photos and happier still to answer all of the fans questions.

You perform at various events, even during concerts – We even met you at tattoo conventions, etc. You had the opportunity to be one stage with Machine Gun Kelly. How can organizers of similar events contact you in order to arrange to work with you?
It’s best to contact by phone or email – You can also find all the information at and Instagram @thepsychodolls. LIKE THIS! #supportyourlocalgirlgang #cutebutpsycho
P.S. MGK Gang, we all fucking love you!

So far, from what I know, you are performing primarily in Poland, are you also planning some performances outside its borders – are you open to offers from abroad?
Not true! We have performed the show in many countries – in Italy, Spain, Austria, Ireland, Germany… We like to get to travel to new places and in the near future, we will travel even more. Stay tuned!

Each of you are noticeably incredibly beautiful, emphasised further so by your stage costumes and the entire atmosphere accompanying your show. To be honest with you, it’s difficult to imagine you going home, jumping into a tracksuit and watching TV, stroking a cat! What does your everyday life look outside of, and in between performances? How do you find the balance between all of the adrenaline and everyday life?
That’s exactly what it looks like. Each of us returns home and strokes something, ha! But when we go to the city, we have always good fun. In addition to Psycho, each of us works professionally somewhere else, but they are still artistic activities. Fireshow is our escape from reality, as we mentioned earlier, we have our stage (not the men!) alter ego, which we gladly adopt during the shows. We can vent their wildness on the stage so when we come back home, our men can feel safe!

This interview for Tattoo Fan Magazine was conducted by Maria Śmigiel

All photography by:
Patrycja Jędrzejewska | Kamila Burzymowska | KStudio Krystian Michalak | Pola Sobuń | Piotr Tarasiewicz


Colour House Tattoo & Piercing

Belfast’s new home for vibrant, luminous colour tattoo art. The artists of Colour House don’t just spray colour willy-nilly, their comic, realism and neo-trad colour works are all perfectly tailored to each individual tattoo. Anyone looking to go for broke with a bold design needs to stop in.



60 Castlereagh Street
BT5 4NH Belfast

Belfast City Skinworks

For over 30 years, Belfast’s tattooed folk have been visiting this studio for tattoos and body modification. Now, generations in, customers are still leaving with exceptional tattoos and the good times that come with them. A firm city favourite, for many good reasons.



21 Oxford Street
BT1 6EA Belfast

Crooked Mile Tattoo

The trio of artists plying their trade under the Crooked Mile banner offer exceptional tattoos in the friendliest of environments. Owner and artist Connor Curran, raised in Belfast but born in the USA, started tattooing out of an obsession with Americana and now tattoos everything at the highest level.


13a Church Road
BT18 9BU Holywood

White Dragon Tattoo Family

Each name on the White Dragon Tattoo Family roster holds their own with artists around them. Each excelling with individual flair, every tattoo through the door is stunning. Anyone looking for custom work in stunning realism, comic book, geometric, Japanese, et al needs to make a visit to the studio.


15 Fountain street
BT1 5EA Belfast

Skullduggery Tatu

Ireland’s first all-female studio, Skullduggery was opened by the notorious Helen McDonnell in 2002. Now operating with one other artist and a steady stream of fantastic guest, Skullduggery are proudly vegan-friendly. We’re on board with this – not to mention all the stunning art they perform!


75 Dublin Road
BT2 7HF Belfast

Joker Tattoo

With the award-winning Joe Mullan clutching the reins at Joker Tattoo, the studios’ esteem can only continue to flourish under the eye of the fantastic artist himself. Awesome flash days, custom work and the always stylish work of Mullan all reasons to make a stop at Joker Tattoo.



90 Royal Ave
Belfast BT1 1DJ

Bloodline Tattoo

Since 2016, the crew at Bloodline Tattoo have been ensuring their customers walk in happy, get tattooed happy, and leave happy. This level of care and the fantastic tattoos they collaborate on with their customers has boosted the love from the city for this group of artists.



168 Lisburn road
BT9 6AL Belfast

India Street Tattoo

Since 2014, owner and artist Craig Kelly has been behind the wheel at India Street Tattoo. His core team of artists offer up high quality, customer focused work. Japanese, traditional, blackwork… You name it, they’ll work on it with you. Operating in the heart of the city, seven days a week, the India Street crew are ready to tattoo. Check them out.


1 India Street
BT7 1LJ Belfast

Original G Tattoo Lounge

Anyone looking for something a little left of centre needs to head out to the Original G Tattoo Lounge. While they can knock out designs of every style, shape and size, the studio deals in fantastic custom works, creating unique tattoos for anyone looking for something a bit out there. Check them out regardless for some fine tattoo art.

162 Antrim Road, Glengormley
BT36 7QZ Belfast

Belfast Tattoo Collective

Boasting over 40 years of tattoo experience between their artists, the Belfast Tattoo Collective studio knows a thing or two about tattoo. Custom work and flash all welcome, the Collective’s doors are open to get you in for some new ink!


37-39 Queen Street, 2nd Floor
BT16EA Belfast


Many of us have seen photos, some over a century old, of tattooed women. Many of us have been fascinated with these pictures, encouraging curiosities as to what these ladies were doing at the time. There are many theories about the fact that tattoos covered women’s bodies in the 19th century as a sign of emancipation, which was a big issue of the time. As Margot Miffin writes in her book Bodies of Subversion, women in tattoos saw the early points of feminism in the release of the corset yoke that kept their appearance uniform and appealing to the male gaze. It turns out, however, that – although of course, it had some connection – the genesis of this phenomenon started somewhere else. The 19th and early 20th century was a time when women if they did not belong to the upper classes or did not marry well, struggled to ensure their quality of life. The woman’s place was thought to be at home, and the right to education belonging primarily to men, it was not easy to find employment for those who needed it. In those times, especially in the United States, cinema was spreading as a means of entertainment. Without television, Internet, etc. Next to the cinema and theatre, the most popular entertainment, cheap and available to everyone was the circus. Exotic trained animals, clowns, acrobats, bearded ladies; a whole galaxy of “freaks” and in among them, tattooed women. All of these intriguing delights aroused fascination and amazement in the large audiences. When nature did not give the woman an extraordinary talent or an interesting defect in the form of a beard or third leg, it was always possible to create the interest and intrigue yourself. Tattoos proved to be the perfect solution!

Irene Woodward, a.k.a La Belle Irene, born in 1862, is considered the first completely tattooed woman to appear in the circus.

“First, my father painted a few stars on the child’s skin. Then from his hand came the whole picture. Despite the pain, the six-year-old was delighted, urging him to continue. She knew that without tattoos, with bright, beautiful skin, she would certainly be kidnapped by the Indians. I was this girl” – the beginning of Irene’s story and her tattoos, made up, of course. The authors of her tattoos, the number believed to be around 400, were the famous Samuel O’Reilly and his student Charlie Wagner, who tattooed her almost continuously for three months. Irene was 19 at the time. During numerous scantily dressed performances, she showed off a significant portion of them and people, with undisguised fascination, would pay to cast their eyes on them. Under the guise of shame and modesty, she made herself quite a career. She travelled in the United States and Europe, even performing before monarchs. She was a star.

But was it just her that came across this enlightened way of fashioning a career? Not at all.

Nora Hildebrandt, born in 1860(1860?) in Melbourne, Australia, decided to create an even more elaborate story explaining the tattoos that decorate her whole body. As the cause of her “stigma”, she also blamed the Indians.
After her mother’s death, Nora was to leave Australia and go to the United States, where her father lived – – a sailor and tattoo artist who had abandoned his family years ago. As Nora told, while they crossed the lands of America, they were allegedly kidnapped by a Sioux tribe. They travelled with them for some time when the girl’s father was accused of trying to poison one of the Indian warriors. The tribal chieftain, the Seated Bull, would show them mercy, saying that he would release them if Nora’s father would perform tattoos all over her body. For a year, tied to a tree, she would endure pain for six hours a day, which resulted in 365 tattoos. The infamous chieftain, despite the completion of the task, decided to kill the father of the unfortunate, “disfigured” girl and Captain George Crook himself had to save her from the clutches of the savages. This amazing story has only one drawback – it is just as unreal as the previous one. Nora competed with Irene, performing everywhere and letting herself be seen and touched. Her tattoos and, of course, her naked body, did not inspire contempt or malice, but compassion caused by stories of traumatic experiences.

Both women were featured in the press, and their shows in circuses and museums attracted huge crowds of curious and demanding onlookers.

For over 40 years, Betty Broadbent was part of the circus business. Born in 1909, Betty Broadbent began her career at the age of 18, just after Charlie Wagner and Joe Van Hart covered practically her entire body with tattoos.

Some women decorated their bodies with tattoos to develop a specific career. However, there were also those that started independently from the world of tattoos. The ink appearing on their skin only with time, usually due to their husbands – the tattooists. There were also those who took this profession from their life partners, leaving their mark on the pages of the history of the craft.

It’s likely that anyone with a keen interest in tattoos has come across an image of Maud Stevens at least once. However, not everyone knows who this woman really was. She was a special character, born in 1877 in Kansas. In 1904, working as a circus acrobat, she would meet her future husband – Gus Wagner, a tattoo artist who learned the craft from Alfred South (apparently the creator of the Bengal tiger Queen Victoria had tattooed). Wagner decorated Maud’s body with tattoos, spending the time teaching her the profession too.

In 1907 their daughter was born. Lotteva, at the age of nine, would go on to tattoo her own father’s body. She never received any tattoos herself. Although it was the era of the electric machines, Maud remained faithful to the traditional, hand-poke tattooing method. She was hailed as the first tattooing woman in the United States. After winding down their circus career, together with her husband they travelled around the country continuing to tattoo. Lotteva took over the family tradition, however, like her mother avoided technology, she also preferred traditional techniques. She made her last tattoo just before her death, in 1993, at the age of 86 – the tattoo was a rose on Ed Hardy!

Dainty Dotty, renowned for her tattooed body, appeared in circuses for years under the pseudonym “Fat Lady”. In 1923, she met Owen Jensen in Los Angeles. He would give her her first tattoo. The couple fell in love and got married, with Dainty quickly becoming fascinated by the art of tattooing. Although her weight was not record-breaking, and she was not the first woman to tattoo, she always joked that she was probably the biggest female tattoo artist.

Artoria Gibbons, an American circus star, also wore reproductions of works by artists such as Rafael and Michelangelo on her skin – all by her husband, Red Gibbons.

The number of women connected with circus arts, who are also ink lovers, could be multiplied. Considering how in the present day tattoos are able to shock and arouse controversy, it is hard to believe that it has been very popular for a hundred years ago, also among women. In times when it was not okay to reveal the smallest hint of ankle, let alone any cleavage, they exposed their bodies in all their glory. Did it upset the public? Of course! However, there was an even greater interest in their “dissimilarity”. With time, circuses fell out of fashion, being replaced by other forms of entertainment. This fall did not affect the art of tattooing. Quite the contrary, actually. More and more women began to decide on tattoos, more and more decided to reach for the tattoo machine. Since then, the continued flourishing of this craft is unquestionable. It would be tremendously ignorant not to recognise that these few women also played a significant role in this process.

This article for Tattoo Fan Magazine was prepared by Maria Śmigiel
Images used from the following locations:

UK Conventions

26th-27th May 2018

Over 300 of the world’s greatest tattoo artists will be flocking to Alexandra Palace, London, on the 26th – 27th May 2018 dominating The Great Hall with some serious tattoo talent. Brought to you by the team behind Skin Deep Magazine and four conventions, they know how to create a fantastic atmosphere!

9th-10th June 2018

Bristol holds a very special place in the history of English tattooing, Les Skuse, founder of the Bristol Tattoo Club held the UKs very first tattoo convention here in Bristol in the 1950’s.

Unlike many other UK Tattoo Conventions, the sole focus of Bristol Tattoo Convention is tattooing, they do not have live entertainment at the show, there will be a variety of traders selling prints, paintings, clothing and jewelry and they will also have an art galley.

7th-8th July 2018

Now in its fifth year, The Leeds International Tattoo Expo have announced their 2018 dates! With the success of previous shows and the caliber of artists attending, it is becoming one of the must-attend tattoo conventions in the UK

27th-29th July 2018

The 5th Titanic International Tattoo Convention will be held again in the iconic Titanic Museum, Titanic Quarter, Belfast, 27th – 29th July 2018. They will have 85 world class artists flying in from around the globe to tattoo you lovely people in the grand ballroom all weekend. The talent present at this convention is second to none and will be one of the best chances to get a piece by some of these artists. So if you’re after something new, be sure to check out their incredible line-up!

28th-30th September 2018

One of the most conveyed and iconic tattoo conventions in the world.
Getting an invite to this convention is as good as a gold stamp on your tattooing career! Only the cream of the crop from the tattoo industry are given the honour of an invite here. The worlds best artists under one roof for a weekend, incredible live-art and performances. If you’re planning on attending a convention this year, this has to be one of the top!

World Conventions

25-27 May

May sees the return of the Montreal Tattoo Expo with the North American event sure to be a sell-out. The beautiful city will host the world’s finest artists for a weekend full of ink, fun, and poutine. It’s a huge event in the American tattoo calendar, well worth the trip.

May 26-27, 2018

In May, the next edition of the festival from the Tattoo Convention series will take place, this time in Wrocław. Be sure to keep the dates free!

2-3 JUNE 2018.

TattooFest is definitely the biggest and probably the most known tattoo convention in Poland. Next year, it will be organized on 2-3 June. A must go-to on the convention circuit!

28-29 JULY 2018

Gdańsk Tattoo Convention is a tattoo festival that has always enjoyed great popularity.  In the beautiful Polish coastal city, this would prove to be a lovely trip for a travelling collector to visit.

11-12 AUGUST 2018

In August, the 5th edition of Kustom Convention will be held in Wrocław. It is a festival that is the answer for motoring fans, great music and also tattoos!

15-16 SEPTEMBER 2018

As for a good couple of years, this time the organizers of the Convention Tattoo in September invite you to Katowice. It promises to be a great party, along with fun activities!

29-30 September

Featuring over 200 artists, live music, contests and kid-friendly areas, the Kielce Tattoo Expo 2018 is setting up to be one of the most fun, friendly events of the year. One of a busy lineup in the Polish convention circuit, the Kielce event will host some of the countries finest artists, as well as artists from around the world.

24-26 August

The last weekend in August sees the Shanghai International Fashion Centre hosting one of Asia’s premier tattoo events. Artists from around the world will be piling into the city to create stunning art, compete for the top prizes, and showcase their talents for the eyes of everyone in attendance.

tattoo side 2017 (1)


Where did your background in art and tattooing stem from? Is there one particular artist or piece of work that made you think – “this is for me”?
I had always had an interest in art and tattooing, and I can remember getting the first couple of tattoos and as soon as they were finished immediately thinking ‘OK, what’s next’. But there was actually one piece that stands out as really sparking an interest, it was a sleeve by Thomas Hooper, the picture was of it unfinished at the time but it was entitled ‘one line short of a basket’ and it was where my love of tattooing and interest in geometric and pattern work began!

Your work with black ink really stands out from a lot of other practitioners of similar styles. What is it about black heavy designs that make them so appealing to so many, and how did you come to employ such a signature style?
I think there is a combination of things people find appealing, the ability to adapt the style I work with to be more heavy and bold or more light, more masculine or feminine, being able to fit it to each individual, their style and personality really work well. But as to how? It was a sort of slow natural progression into pattern work and then evolving it into what it is now! I think I was always interested in mandalas and geometry and as it progressed people seemed to like the mehndi and eastern patterns more so as more people booked in, I got more interested and practiced in it and then it just grew from there!

The “ornamental” tag doesn’t really do justice to the work you commit to skin. It makes sense as a descriptor but the large, intricate pieces and the small, personal designs you create are more than ornaments for the people who wear them. Even years into tattooing, do you still feel the same catharsis when you’re involved in a relationship with your client, from booking in to sitting down and working on/with them?
Thank you! I do agree, I think ornamental is just the cleanest box to put my work in at the moment but realistically I would say all tattooing is something of an ornament, but I think having a style now that people know me for really helps to have a much better relationship between client and artist. When you start out and tattoo a little bit of everything that comes through the door it can be challenging to create pieces which are not particularly to your taste, but when you find your own particular style the trust and understanding in how the design comes together is much more free leaving me much more open to really create something new and inspiring for each individual client.

At the recent Scottish Tattoo Convention, nearly every artist there had prints, flash, books and other items for sale. Your Gentleman’s Tattoo Flash book and the fantastic leggings you’ve created are two of the most unique “side gigs” around. How important do you feel it is for tattoo artists to branch outside of simply just tattooing?
I think its very important, both to express yourself creatively in other mediums and in business, It’s a great way to try new things! There are lots of straightforward merch ideas but I really enjoyed working with Al at Gentlemans Tattoo Flash and Jamie Christ to try and create something a bit different that no one has seen before or that hasn’t been done too much already. I have a few other projects in the works as well which has been great to get all my ideas out of my head and into reality so I can sleep at night! On the less creative side the extra projects are super important to make sure you have a bit of security, tattooing is one of the greatest jobs on earth but its very much self-employed and if you have an accident or get sick and can’t work, that’s when its good to know that you have other projects and another side to your business.

Some might be guilty of assuming that your ornate works are all you do, but a good dig through your work brings up some stunning traditional pieces, some designs bordering on neo-trad and many in between all the usual genre tags! Are there designs, motifs or rough ideas that you have in your head that you want to tattoo, ideas that may not “seem” like a Jack Peppiette idea?
At the moment not so much! I am really enjoying experimenting with the style of tattooing I am doing at the moment and trying to do interesting and unique stuff with the motifs that come naturally to me, I really want to see how far I can take the work I am doing at the moment! I do however still really enjoy traditional and more of a woodcut/lithograph style tattooing which is always nice to break things up a bit and keep me fresh and I also won’t say no to a good portrait or some realism now and again! I am very privileged position at the moment with some fantastic clients who allow me to create everything that goes on in my head!

You quite often work on areas like the hand, throat and face with your work visible on many a scalp in the UK and plenty more worldwide. It might seem like a tired point but how do you feel about the working world, outside of tattooing, and their attitudes towards modifications that are so visible and upfront?
It’s certainly an interesting point even if it comes up a fair bit, but I like the fact that everyone has different view on things. Personally, I love the fact that people trust me and like my work enough to have it become such an important part of their life and how people view them. I think the attitude towards heavily tattooed people has changed a lot in just the last five years or so,it’ss so much more socially acceptable which is fantastic progress but it also leaves it more open to people being somewhat naive about the choices of who and what tattoos they choose to get on public display areas. It’s a great step forward in acceptance that its who you are rather than what you look like, but its good to be aware hands, neck and face will affect your life.

This interview for Tattoo Fan Magazine was conducted by Matt MacLennan
All images used courtesy of Jack Peppiette



Andy Canino

Japanese tattooing has a multitude of levels to it, so much so that one article could never properly touch on the cultural and personal significance of the country’s tattooing particulars. One could try, but what does one Scottish writer really have to contribute to a discussion on one of the most intricate and striking tattooing styles around? The answer is a little bit, and it’s regarding the hannya mask.

As a fan for many, many years – even the years before I was legally allowed to be tattooed – hannya tattoos always struck me as the most intimidating, upfront kind of tattoo someone could possibly get.

Whether they were huge, dark and daunting or palm-sized and drenched in vibrant colours, hannya masks always caught my eye. Now as an adult with a more refined appreciation of all kinds of tattoo art, they are still one of the most pleasing motifs that anyone can tattoo, but there’s a lot more to them than just being scary. Who knew?

Originating in Japanese theatre in the 14th century, the hannya mask was used to represent vengeful female spirits. It’s double horns, striking eyes and distressing mouth used to represent the transformation from human to demon, the mask is viewed different face on as it when downturned slightly. The three variations of the mask (shiro, aka, and kuro) represent the gradual transformation from human to demon, as the masks become darker, more demonic looking, and ultimately inhuman – the progression from white and almost smiling to dark red, with disheveled hair a focal point of the style of theatre from which it came from. 700 years later, the hannya mask has come to take on spiritual and good luck meanings, as well as still being representative of Japanese theatre traditions. Some people wear it to ward off the evil spirit it represents, others may wear it to pay tribute to the captivating lore behind the mask itself. It’s not to be confused with the oni mask, however, as that’s another article waiting to be written.

Like many traditional Japanese tattoo motifs, the hannya mask has been contorted and morphed into just about every tattoo style you can think of, but the boldest hannya tattoos are done in the old manner; big bulging eyes, thick outlines, well packed vibrant colours and that instantly recognisable curled grimace. While people wear them on their skin for various reasons, the visual impact of a great hannya tattoo is universal.

As beautiful and striking as the tattoo may be, it’s still a frightening image. What may surprise many who wear one of these tattoos, is that the image is inherently feminine. Some of the biggest, scariest looking tattooed males walking around with evil looking hannya masks may not be aware of the traditions and story behind it. That’s not to say that it’s a tattoo motif that shouldn’t be worn by males. Everyone has their own reason for choosing the ink they wear, after all. The hannya mask can be adapted anyway to fit the personality of its owner.

We’ve pulled together some of the finest examples of hannya tattoos from all around the world. As vast as Japanese tattooing is, this one design really stands out among the rest. These fantastically executed tattoos bring history to the present day, thanks to the wonders of modern tattooing techniques and technology.

This article for Tattoo Fan Magazine UK was prepared by Matt MacLennan
All images used courtesy of the respective artists’ social media


“I wanted it to be nice, cosy and homey, and at the same time professional. I think that I managed to combine these assumptions and hope that our clients also love this place. What matters most to me is the high-qualitywork we do. I mean not only tattoos, piercings too. The atmosphere we create is very important to me and thanks to this we are a very close team – every day of work in the studio is a great day spent with friends, “- Ola.

Ola has always been drawing and creating various things, but without real purpose for some time. She openly admits Jarek Gorajek – an outstanding realist – persuaded her to reach for the tattoo machine. She started her tattoo journey in 2012 under Sebastian Wierzbicki, the founder of the studio Od Świtu Do Zmierzchu, where she spent the next five years. During this time, she put a lot of work into her development. Her great ambition and persistence, numerous trips to foreign studios – where she also gained experience – working surrounded by the best artists, participation in conventions resulting in numerous prizes; all of this contributing to her great success.

Ola on her tattoo work and about herself:
“It’s like my own mix of neo-modern style with watercolours and sketches, I also like to do black, purely graphic, dotwork works. I love animal themes, characters from movies, cartoons and anime. Although my clients are mostly women, since I have fallen in love with graphic tattoos, I have more and more male clients. Like any tattoo artist, I have my favourite subjects, but when I choose projects I am guided by one criteria above all – I undertake projects where I know I will do my best work. I love nature and whenever I can, I use every spare moment to go somewhere away from the city. I love animals, sometimes I just lie on the couch with my cats and relax after work. Unfortunately, I do not have much time for other activities, when I do not work, I try to devote as much attention to my relatives as possible.”

Ola invited exceptional people to work with her. Currently, the studio crew consists of the ladies themselves and it is a well-coordinated team full of exceptional talent.

Ewa Sroka is an undisputed master of watercolour tattoos – her work exploding with vivid, contrasting colours. Her works have won a huge crowd of fans, not only in Poland but also abroad.
“I am a graduate of the Lodz Academy of Fine Arts. Before I started tattooing, for three years I worked as a graphic designer in the computer games industry. The decision to change my profession came with the discovery of tattoos that look like brush marks on the skin. I was fascinated by their expressiveness and from the beginning, I knew that this is the direction in which I wanted to learn and develop. Professionally I have been tattooing for four years. My favourite and, at the same time, most often tattooed designs are animals. At one time I tattooed a lot of roses, but I started to feel stifled and bored with this pattern. Fortunately, there is no indication that the cats that currently dominate in my portfolio will ever bore me. When I draw for my own pleasure, I choose topics that I rarely tattoo on the skin, i.e. landscapes and nudes. They give me a great break from what I do every day. When I have long periods of free time, I relax by sailing. I love both inland and sea sailing, and my dream is to cross the Atlantic.”

Basia Kowalska is definitely one of the most experienced piercers in our country, but piercing is not her only passion. Working with Ola in Ładnych Rzeczach did not happen accidentally, instead the bond came from the result of many years of working together and a true friendship grew between the two women.

“Psychologist by education, piercer by vocation. Piercings have fascinated me since I remember, and because psychology turned out to be the wrong profession, I almost missed my calling, I decided to pursue my piercing passion. I started my adventure with the tattoo studio 9 years ago from piercing in the Od Świtu Do Zmierzchu studio in Lodz. There I got to know the specifics of the trade and met wonderful people. After a few years of piercing, however, there was an irresistible urge to develop and look for new experiences. My best friend – Ola Kozubska, who showed me how to hold the razor in my hand, came with help. Tattooing became for me a great springboard and a break from piercing.

At present, in Ładne Rzeczy I deal with both crafts, thanks to which, I will never get bored with these two things. After a year of keeping the machine in my hand, I find that the most satisfying work is when tattooing small, minimalistic works, I also love geometrical challenges, dotwork and mandalas. Recently, I’ve started enjoying working in colour ”

Personally, I had the pleasure of meeting Ola at the very beginning of her career and with great admiration I’ve watched her progression. I was happy to see how this unique place is created, and in it – nice things. Certainly, its success is the result of not only hard, solid work, but also modesty, honesty and the genuine goodness of the people working in the studio.

“My biggest dream is that my studio, myself and the people who work with me, are valued in Poland for the high quality of the work they do to make everyone feel at home, both clients and the guest artists. These short years of my internship have brought me the opportunity to meet great people, artists and learning from the best. I very much hope that the next ones will be equally as fruitful “- Aleksandra Kozubska.

This article for Tattoo Fan Magazine was prepared by Maria Śmigiel
Studio photography by Patrycja Jędrzejewska

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You come from Ukraine, but for some time you have worked in Poland. What influenced your decision to come to this country?
I worked in Ukraine, but I always dreamed of going to tattoo conventions in Europe. Somewhere on the Internet, I found information about the conventions in Poland, more precisely in Wrocław. I remember how terrified I was when I finally got there. There was so much happening and it was so fast. So many cool artists, friendly people, and this atmosphere that was really amazing! It did not take me a long time to start thinking about moving here.



Everyone has to start somewhere in the beginning. You certainly remember your introduction to this very well. When you look back on it, what was the most difficult part of this process, how did you come to the idea of working in this craft?
With a pen, I drew tribal designs on my friends’ hands! They said to me, “this is great, you will be a great tattoo artist”- ha! However, my first tattoos my beginnings were not easy, like many tattooists,: a chair, a Chinese machine, 30ml bottle of ink and friends who were ready to wear rough tattoos.
My mentor in the art of tattooing has always been Tymur Denysenko. I thank him for his help and I am always happy to remember the time when we worked together. It was a great time!

You currently have your own, amazing and original style, but I guess it did not appear to you right away. What did this process look like, where did you get the ideas like this and where did you find your inspirations? How did you experiment?
I love to experiment, I always prefer to do something original and fresh, thanks to this I discovered new techniques and possibilities.
The double exposure style appeared accidentally. One of my clients wanted me to make her a beautiful, colourful worm. I prepared the outline, and inside I put a rose. Ultimately, we did not use this project, but I liked the double exposure technique very much and decided to develop it in my works.

It seems that your style is, as you already mentioned, very often based on a double exposure, combining animal and floral motifs. They go above and beyond delicate, feminine tastes. It turns out that in this way you can tattoo almost everything like this, and you find the darker work in among it.
I really like doing darker designs – and I would like more of these projects – but I like flowers too. If I’m doing a lot of floral tattoos, I draw something dark for a sense of balance.

Looking through your gallery of works, it is impossible not to notice that you are a very skilled graphic designer, is this how all your projects are created? Are illustrations and digital graphics works your next passion, or rather a tool used to utilise as a tattoo artist?
I create illustrations for myself to develop as an artist. In this area, I have much more freedom. Tattooing brings certain limitations and not every graphic idea can be translated onto the skin. I recently worked on a great project, with a very well-known person from the USA. Joey Graceffa wrote to me asking me to create a book cover design for him.
It was very nice that my graphics interested him, it was a great challenge and it gave me a lot of satisfaction. Soon these illustrations will appear on my profile.

That’s a huge honour, congratulations! We can’t wait to see them! How does your relationship with your clients work? Do they normally come to you with the design they want or are they interested in your ideas and designs? I only ask because it appears many projects have been brought to you which you then create on the skin.
I think that every person has something cool in their head. When the customer’s idea amazes me, I immediately save it and turn it into a new project. Everyone knows that it is easier for an artist to draw something according to his own taste, but the clients are really the most important – I create for them and give thanks to them for the opportunity.

You are a co-founder of Wroclaw’s Underdog studio, a studio signed with your very own name. It’s a massive undertaking and certainly a very significant step in your career. Therefore, I suppose that Poland is not a temporary home for you, rather you plan to stay involved here for longer, if not permanently?
I feel very good in Poland, for now, I plan to stay here, support the development of the tattoo culture here, and promote my art. One of my dreams was to open my own place. I wanted to create something more than just a tattoo studio – a place where art will develop. In my opinion, a tattoo artist must be an artist, draw pictures, illustrations, and sculpt – in a word, CREATE. The fact that it will be a Tattoo Gallery means that you will not only be able to create a tattoo with us, but also see and feel the art on your own skin and on the walls! My ideas rang true with my friends from Warsaw, with whom I worked since I moved to Poland.
This is our joint project, keep your fingers crossed for us and come to Underdog!

This interview for Tattoo Fan Magazine was conducted by Maria Śmigiel
All images used courtesy of Andrey Lukovnikov


Now into their second decade as one of Glasgow’s premier tattoo studios, Rock’n’Roll Tattoo and Piercing still remain all about the customer. With a dedicated team of artists, managers and apprentices all aiming to give their clients the best tattoo possible, Rock’n’Roll’s Clydeside representatives have only grown in reputation and talent. A year on from the opening of their new flagship studio, first timers are welcomed as warmly as the people who call the studio their second home. Now with the space to allow twelve artists to work at any time, the Glasgow Rock’n’Roll studio remains focused on getting the client what they desire, matching artists to the particular designs being requested.

If any evidence was required, a quick social media search for “Glasgow tattoo” will show how many customers exit through the doors of Rock’n’Roll Glasgow with delight for their new ink. Countless proud shares of excellent tattoos from their residents, apprentices and a constant stream of exceptional guest talent mark the streets of the city in black and grey, realism, watercolours and many, many more. This doesn’t happen on its own though, everyone working for the studio puts the work in to make sure the music keeps flowing. It’s not enough to be the biggest studio around, there always has to be progression and improvement; moving toward newer and bigger goals. Something that studio proudly takes ownership of as their Studio manager Jamie Wilson elaborates:

“Rock’n’Roll is mainly known for its high quality and detailed tattoos, may that be from residents or guest artists, to which we bring some of the world’s biggest names to the UK, like Denis Sivak and Grindesign. We have the biggest team – currently sitting at twelve residents, five apprentices and a piercer. I have never worked with such a fun and passionate team before, everyone always gives it their all every day, making sure we keep to the high standards that Rock’n’Roll is known for. It’s done with ease though as everyone is so friendly and artistically gifted…it’s not just about the tattoo, it’s about the full experience. From booking in, to the finished product.”

Wilson and the rest of the team organising the details in between the ink pots are well aware of the studio’s reputation and often take bookings completely online; from the many customers who travel to the studio just to get ink from their bevvy of talented artists. The high demand for Rock’n’Roll Glasgow’s artists means many do travel from afar. Glasgow is a lovely place to visit, yes, but it’s the tattoo talent in this studio that they’re travelling for. On top of the incredible guest artists that sit in, the studio boasts tattooists capable of blending their unique styles with the wants of the customer. With artists available for specific requests, each resident has grown their personal reputations and portfolios immensely. Duncan Sweeny is just one of the residents loving his time in the studio:

“For me, the sheer variety of artists working at RnR was a big attraction. If you want to be a good artist [aside from hard work] you need to surround yourself with good artists. I really believe in that. Glasgow is a great city. I think the people are what make it so special. Naturally, that is reflected in the customers we have. Ultimately what I love is the complete faith they show in your vision and style that really makes every tattoo super fun.”

Rock’n’Roll is also always developing future talent, with a team of dedicated apprentices, ready to learn their trade in one of the best tattoo studios in the country. It’s no easy task, but the hard work pays off. There’s nowhere better to learn than inside a studio so busy,. Stephen Dali is one of the Glasgow studio’s apprentices and is grabbing the opportunity with both hands:

“As an apprentice in the Glasgow studio, I’ve had the chance to work with a load of amazing artists who specialise in a number of different styles. Having so many artists in the studio has been a good opportunity to learn different approaches to working and tattooing.”

One of Rock’n’Roll’s most sought-after artists is Alex Underwood. His work bringing visitors from all corners. Alex has plied his black and grey illustrative style in the Glasgow studio since his first days as an apprentice, a fine example of the kind of talent that the Glasgow studio can help achieve greatness in tattooing. Hard work and having a team around that are constantly pushing everyone for their best work definitely makes a difference. The years of training, practising and finessing all resulting in the happiest customers. There’s probably no one better to back this up than the man himself:

“Since the day of my interview I’ve worked contently at Rock’n’Roll Tattoo in Glasgow as both an apprentice and resident artist – Glasgow isn’t my birthplace but it’s definitely my hometown! It’s a city that’s friendly and easy to commute around. It’s also an added bonus that the tattoo culture thrives here! Dull Scottish weather helps keep folks’ skin pale which is perfect for the style of tattoos I like to do! I love operating using only black ink, and against the pale skin, it just has the elegant sort of aesthetic to it. It’s always so rewarding to draw something that really interests you and have complete strangers share that same enthusiasm that they would want it permanently on their bodies!”

These are words from just a few of the crew of Rock’n’Roll Tattoo and Piercing – Glasgow. The array of talent stretches further than words can go into. While only hearing from a few of the bodies that work through the blood, sweat, and tears in the studio, there’s a tonne of fantastic tattoos from all of the artists and apprentices that need to be seen. Literally something for everyone.

Alex Underwood

Edo Sacerdoti

Gabbi Vasquez

Duncan Sweeny

Karolina Sylwia

Cubb Snogg

Cheryl Dakota

Nicko Onno

Jim Gray

Burt Tattooizé

Steph Owens


This article for Tattoo Fan Magazine was prepared by Matt MacLennan
All images courtesy of Rock’n’Roll Tattoo & Piercing Glasgow and the respective artist’s social media



Opening an interview is always a bit strange! Shall we open with your background in art and tattooing? Were you a young fan or did tattooing arrive in your life later on?
I’ve always had an interest in art from a young age, my uncle Michael Collins is a painter and he would sit me down and give me lessons as a kid. I think it’s these early lessons and the support from my parents that definitely guided me to what I’m doing now. I didn’t find tattooing until later in life and started my apprenticeship at 26. It was Chalky, my mentor, who gave me a shot and guided me through my apprenticeship and set me up with a solid skill set to start my career. Being part of the skateboard and motorbike scene, being surrounded by good people with the same interests guided me towards tattooing.

Can you pinpoint moments throughout your tattooing life where you walked away downbeat – but still left having learnt valuable information about the craft, and yourself?
Definitely, there have been times I wanted to quit, particularly when I was working a full-time night job alongside five days in a studio, It was my wife that kept me going and pushed me to drop the night shifts and supported us financially so I could concentrate on tattooing, no matter how tough it got or how many chances I take with my career she always supports me, I’ve learnt over the years it’s the people you have around you that make you who you are.

Your tattoo art is very expressive and vivid – whether in black and grey or full colour. When working on a design, what do you feel is the most important area to focus on? For example, the placement and composition or the balance of colour and shadow?
That’s a tricky question, I think the most important thing is a tattoo that suits its wearer. One of the things I love most about my job is working with my clients and developing the design together, it’s this process that steers the design in one particular direction whether it’s high contrast, dark and broody or light, warm and flowing.

What kind of tattoo gets you most excited to work on? If someone was to come through the studio door with a blank slate and total freedom on your behalf, what would you tattoo?
When given total freedom I tend to lean more towards the darker things in life. I’ve always been a big horror fan but going to my previous answer, sometimes it’s my clients that lead me in a direction I would never have considered and I produce some of my best pieces.

You’re consistently knocking out amazing tattoos in all shapes, sorts, and sizes – yet you haven’t lost any of the passion of a young artist. How much of your time spent away from the tattoo machine is devoted to the art and how does one manage their life around it?
Thanks very much, the process I use to develop each tattoo is longer than it’s ever been in my career but it’s a necessary evil to keep pushing forward, there’s always so much to learn and I believe there’s always new, better or just different directions to go in. Finding that balance between work and family life has always been tricky and will be forever grateful to my understanding wife who says I am obsessed – I just don’t think it’s a job you can do without passion and a little bit of obsession.

Your bold realism often turns into a sort of “hyper-realism” in some of your work, how did you come to adopt these techniques and quirks into a style that you now succeed so well in?
I think it stems from drawing a lot of observational sketches and paintings, when I was apprenticing I used to do a lot of commission work for extra money – mostly peoples kids and pets, doing those drawings definitely helped me pick up a lot of the techniques I still use today. I was even asked to draw a dinner once for a chef, apparently, it was his signature dish.


Everyone loves a skull tattoo and you are stranger to a striking skull here and there! Why do you think it’s remained such a key component of tattoo art? Do you have a skull tattoo on yourself!?
Yes, I do have a few skulls on myself – you can never go wrong with a good skull! I’ve always thought it comes down to the strong imagery and how we recognise certain images easily from a distance, there are certain images that get repeated in tattooing time and time again, anchors, roses, women’s faces, skulls… Tattoo art relies on being bold and clear and most important of all you need to be able to see what it is at just a glance, let’s face it there’s nothing more recognisable as a human face, combine that with the hugely varied symbolism that the skull holds to so many people and cultures, it makes for the perfect tattoo reference.

What’s next for Colin Whitfield? What can we expect from your art in the future?
I have a lot I’m hoping to do this year. There’s always something new to learn but mainly I want to work with other artists on different projects and take in as many different techniques as I can and keep pushing to make my work better. Hopefully, this will keep me and my art evolving.

This interview for Tattoo Fan Magazine was conducted by Matt MacLennan

All images used courtesy of Colin Whitfield

Guest Spots


Rose Harley takes her needles on tour this summer, ready to dish out phenomenal blackwork, ornamental and many more styles on anyone ready for it! Get in touch for bookings at

30th April-1st May

2nd-3rd May

1st-2nd June

25th May – 5th June

Fans of neo-trad boldness in the Dublin area should be more than excited at the thought of getting ink from Guerra Stinger. His neo-trad work is top-shelf and spots are sure to fill quickly, get in touch with the studio directly to book @theinkfactory

4th – 17th June

Tattoo Fan favourite Inez Janiak will be delivering her unique, bold tattoos in Newcastle this summer, guesting at Rock’n’Roll’s Newcastle studio! With such a creative style, the queue will be out the door! Get in touch to get ahead of the pack!

5th – 7th June

Haunted Tattoo in London is more than lucky to have the incredible Alan Aldred for three days in June. Alan’s body of work is that impressive it took me fifteen minutes to pick the thumbnail. Message him directly to arrange bookings @alanaldred

7th – 9th June

Neon Wolf Tattoo in Nottingham welcomes the talents of one Forest Lewis for a couple of days! Forest is a master at mandalas, trad and blackwork, and Japanese to boot. Get in touch with the studio early to get a chance of getting some work from him –

18th – 23rd June

One of their Glasgow studio’s amazing resident artists, Alex Underwood will be joining up with the Newcastle Rock’n’Roll branch for a stint in June. His finessed black and grey tattoos are out of this world, so get in touch and squeeze a fantastic tattoo in –


Fraser Peek takes his skills and needles on tour this summer, hitting up several fantastic studios on the way! Don’t miss out!

BRASS HEART – Birmingham
15th – 16th June

HELLO SAILOR – Blackpool
28th – 30th June

13th – 14th July


Fans of Hand-poked tattoos heads up! Mike Love is heading to a few studios around the country this year.

MAY 11-12


JULY 27-28


16th – 30th May

Travelling from Australia and setting up shop in Cardiff for two weeks is the talented Andrea Daniel. Her powerful colours, perfect linework, and creative designs will be much sought after so get in touch with studio ASAP at


Visiting three studios this summer is the talented Laura Kennedy of Timeless Tattoos. Laura will be offering up her skills in creating unique, style-bending designs. Don’t miss out, get in touch for bookings at

RED HOT AND BLUE – Edinburgh
7th-9th JUNE

BLOOD AND HONEY – Cheltenham
13th-14th JULY

10th-11th AUGUST

2nd-6th July

Neon Wolf is also welcoming the fantastic cartoon and wild colour work of Amsterdam’s Lilly Sue Tattoo. Spaces are sure to get snapped up for her visit to the UK so get in touch with the studio ASAP to arrange yours –

3rd – 7th July

Joining the fantastic team at the Yarson Tattoo Studio for a few days is Andy Seb. Andy uses black ink to create stunning skulls, portraits and generally bad-ass designs. Spaces are sure to be snapped up quickly so make any booking enquiries at

25th – 31st July

Featured in this month’s hannya gallery, the fantastic Yori Moriarty will be in London, ready to dish out fantastic Japanese tattoos. If you want to be one of the lucky few on the other side of the needle, get in touch with the studio directly at

21st – 26th January

The immaculate and often demonic Grindesign returns to Rock’n’Roll Glasgow, bringing with him an army of stunning and visceral designs. If you somehow haven’t already followed this guy, do so! @grindesign_tattoo

Job Listings


Dublin’s Voodoo Ink are looking for colour realism and dotwork/mandala specialists to join their studio full-time or as a regular guest artist. Anyone interested should send their portfolio over to


Artists looking for full-time work and guest spots need to get in touch with the crew at Basement Tattoo Parlour in Brighton. Expanding their team and opening their doors for talented guest artists, the studio needs fresh blood! Send them a message to enquire – @basementtattoo


The fine folks at Skin Kandy Tattoo in Swindon are looking for a new tattoo artist. They’re after someone for full-time work ideally, with three years of experience, a good attitude, and an all-around style. Send portfolios to!


The crew at Blood Eagle Tattoo in Birmingham are looking for an experienced tattoo artist to join their staff. Anyone interested must have a strong portfolio and great customer rapport. Blood Eagle are also in the market for a piercer to keep up with the high demand in store. Contact the studio at


Eclectic Ink in Glasgow are looking for a part-time studio manager. Duties include diary management, social media tasks, cleaning and keeping up the studio’s excellent relationship with customers. People skills and excellent organisation are a must. The position will be for two-three days per week and will not lead to an apprenticeship. If interested, send your CV and covering letter to


New Year, new opportunity!

The fantastic team over at Artium Ink in Exeter have just announced that they are looking for an experienced and talented tattoo artist to join their team. Competitive chair rental – no cuts! Existing client base IS essential as they are a private studio!

If you’re interested then send your portfolio along with social media links to


Fat Fugu is expanding and are now looking for part-time and full-time tattoo artists to join their team. A strong portfolio and a hard working attitude is essential. They’re also looking for a minimum of 3 years experience and having your own client base wouldn’t hurt – this is not essential however. If you fit the criteria and would like to apply, send your portfolio as well as your social media links to!


Ollie Tye and his crew are looking to add some new monsters to their team! If you’re an experienced tattoo artist with a great portfolio then apply at the email below along with your profile and social media links.


Think you have the skill set to work at The Circle? Well you’re in luck – they’re currently recruiting! Message the email below with a bit about you along with your social media links and portfolio.



So far Rock’n’Roll is based in:
Scotland: Edinburgh, Musselburgh, Glasgow, Dundee
England: London, Southampton, Newcastle
Poland: Kraków, Warsaw, BielskoBiala, Katowice, Wroclaw, Gdansk

If you are looking to join RnR then send them an e-mail at: with links to your social media.


Rosemount Tattoo are looking for an experienced artist to join their team. Anyone interested in working among the granite and glamour of Aberdeen should get in touch with the studio at


Based in Central Scotland, Bushman Tattoo Studio are looking for a new artist to join their team. Candidates must have three years experience and be capable of running their own diaries. UK applicants preferred but anyone from elsewhere can still get in touch –


With some of their residents moving away, Waverley Street Tattoo in Fife are looking for new artists to join their team. Anyone interested in working with the team should get in touch with owner Ross King directly


What a chance this is for a lucky individual. The amazing Jorge Becerra is looking for a very talented and serious artist to take under his wing and mentor for the start of 2018. If you’re interested – serious applicants only – message the email below along with social media links & portfolio.


Crossroads Tattoo Studio based in Fife, Scotland are looking for a new experienced tattoo artist to join their team! All styles will be considered, good portfolio and being able to work well with others is a must. Interested applicants may apply at the email below along with your email – attach your portfolio and social media links.


Strong portfolio required, must have own clientele. Apply via below with your portfolio, a brief introduction and your social media links.


They are looking for a professional tattoo artist to cover a short notice holiday (DEC-FEB), must have at least 5 years experience and good customer skills. Preferably someone who is adept in at least one of; Black and Grey Realism, Colour Portrait or Japanese tattooing.

Email below with your portfolio and a little about you.


You must have studio experience and a strong portfolio. Great rates and you get to work with friendly & driven team. They’re also looking for guest artists too! Apply via their facebook page “Twisted Fate Doncaster”


All levels of studio experience considered. Must be willing to work as part of a friendly growing team of professionals. Studio is located in Wolverhampton city centre.

All enquiries, please send a few shots of your work and your basic information with the subject “ARTIST” to;


Sebastian Nowacki’s new studio, Tattoobylaw is still looking for an established artist to join his team. If you’re interested then all inquiries should be sent to along with your portfolio and social media links.

Job location will be in Rochester, Kent, England.

Polish Job Listings


Świost – Babskie in Sopot are currently looking for a new tattoo artist for their team. The studio is for women, therefore the opening is available to ladies only. All interested parties can contact the studio.


Jaroslaw Baki’s studio, Rock Tattoo in Opole is looking for a new tattoo artist for his team. Those interested can contact the studio by email:


TatStudio in Gdansk is currently looking for a new member for their team. If you are interested in working with them, send an email to:


Studio Mr. OneTwo Tattoo in Płock are looking for a manager, anyone interested can send their CV to


Wypisz&Wymaluj, previously located in Lublin, is opening its new store in Wrocław. Therefore, they are looking for new tattooists to work with. If interested, send your portfolio and a few sentences about yourself to:


Founded by David Rudziński, Warsaw’s Theatrum Symbolica are looking for a new artist. Those interested can send their portfolio to:


If you specialise in realism and want to work somewhere welcoming and professional, not to mention for the renowned Rock’n’Roll Tattoo, send your best work to:


Pantera is a brand new studio in Bydgoszcz, founded by Patryk Hilton. He’s looking for a talented new artist to join his team.. Those interested can send their portfolio to:


Located in Katowice and opening this May, Stranger Ink are looking for artists to join their brand new shop. Send your portfolio to:


There’s a storm coming – find yourself in its heart. In the Gdańsk Garrison where history, vision and culture meet, Kult Tattoo Fest, Tat Studio and Ferajna have decided to join forces to create a unique space for unrestricted creativity, with respect for the tradition of tattooing and barbering. They are looking for: tattooists, managers and barbers. Those interested can apply by writing to:


Raves Tattoo in Dąbrowa Górnicza is looking for a new tattoo artist for their team. Although experience is welcome, there are learning opportunities available. Raves are also looking for an experienced piercer. Interested parties can send their information to:


Victor Portugal recently announced big news – a new DARKTIMES TATTOO studio will be built in Krakow. Artists are currently being sought for a new facility – people withexperience in various styles are required. If you are interested, we encourage you to send your portfolio to:


Krakow’s Make Art Tattoo studio is looking for a new manager. Candidates are required above all to have experience management, be committed and readily available. Those interested in the offer can send applications to:



The Warsaw Underdog studio is looking for a new tattoo artist. Those interested can send their portfolio and a few words about themselves to the following address:


Anyone interested in working for Hypnotic Tattoo, based in Bielsko-Biala, should send their portfolio to:


Pink Machine in Warsaw are seeking a new tattoo artist to join their ranks. If you’re creative, working towards finding your own style and with at least two years experience, send your portfolio to:


Warsaw based Monkey Hide is looking for a new tattoo artist. The studio is fairly new but thriving. If you have experience and are interested in this offer, can send your portfolio and information to:


ADHD recently announced the good news that they are opening a new studio in Bochum. As such, they are looking for tattooists for their new team. If you already have some experience, send your portfolio to the studio!



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