January 2018 – Issue Four

Our fullest issue yet.

Take a journey into the mind of the lines and shapes with the Shamanistic Piotr Szot and learn more about him and his methods. More interviews within this issue contain the black & grey wonderkid Owen Paulls, the surrealistic Piotr Dedel and the realism expert Jozsef Torok! As always there are more wonderful articles inside.

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December 2017 – Issue Three

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way!

Our December issue was sure packed with wonderfully wrapped articles and interviews. Featuring the world-class Grindesign as our cover along with the phenomenal black and grey wizard Thomas Carli-jarlier and crazy styles of Łukasz Sokołowski. Own a copy today!

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November 2017 – Issue Two

Our second issue is filled with star studded realism talents from across the world.

It kicks off with E4’s Tattoo Artist of the Year’s Luke Sayer as our featured cover artist, along with one of the most respected names in Europe – Pavel Krim, before going back to the UK in the form of the ever so talented Jurgis Mikalauskas & colourful Damian Gorski.

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October 2017 – Issue One

Our first issue!

This issue contains the interviews of the wonderfully talented Ben Kaye, Yarson Stahowic, Tomasz ‘Tofi’ Torfinski & Daryl Watson as well as some interesting articles!

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Happy New Year!

What better way to kick-off the new year than with a brand new issue of Tattoo Fan Magazine! On to now our fourth issue, this month we have the spiritual tattoo phenom Piotr Szot as our cover star. Further inside this months issue you will find interviews with the talented József Török, the ‘sketchy’ Inez Janiak and the amazing Piotr Dedel.

We hope you enjoy our January issue. Be sure to check back regularly as more content is always being added!

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The bookstore resembled, instead, an electronic laboratory. The books were crystals with recorded contents. They can be read the aid of an option, which was similar to a book but had only one page between the covers. At a touch, successive pages of the text appeared on it.  – Stanislaw Lem, “Return of the Stars”

Our Team

Maria Smigiel

I represent the Polish part of the team that created the Tattoo-Map project. I have been an art historian and have been interested in tattoos since I remember. For a long time asked whether the tattoo can be art, I definitely answer – YES (which does not mean that every tattoo artist must be an artist 😉)

Tim Drummond

I am a member of the British Tattoo-Map crew and I love tattoos, especially those in realistic design, and skulls, because everyone loves skulls!

Interview with Piotr Szot

Piotr, you give the impression of a person very closely related to nature, liberated, a little old fashioned (in a positive sense), one that was “brought up with wolves”. Tell me where you come from, where do people like you come from?

I come from a tiny village in Masuria (less than 1000 inhabitants), located somewhere in the middle of forests and lakes. I have been surrounded by nature since I can remember and definitely feel the best in it. Sometimes I like to feel this crazy vibration of big cities like London or New York, but only once in a while and only for a moment. I notice that whenever I get to a city, the first thing I do is go to a park.
Actually, I have always had the impression that I was born not from this era, I see myself waving my axe or saving the princess haha. But it is true that we live in a time of great change and great opportunities. If you have a little effort, you can find a lot of magic in the world around us. All you have to do is want. It is a great gift to live here and that’s why I’m happy that it is as it is.

Before you started tattooing, you gained an art education and experience on a lot of substrates associated with it. As far as I know, for a good couple of years you have been involved in illustrating, graphics, including 3D, sculpture, painting and more. Among the many “disciplines” that you have chosen, you choose tattooing. Why? What did you find in tattooing that was missing in other areas?

It’s hard to say. I’ve liked tattoos for as long as I can remember, although I did not think about it for a very long time. But everything changed when I made my first tattoo. I felt like I had done it before … And then my world exploded, and I felt that I found my place and my way. I can not imagine doing anything else.

At the beginning, however, you did realistic, colourful works – deviating from the present, which should probably be described as “modern blackwork” – wide enough to accommodate the whole spectrum of your works. The style evolution itself is a completely natural process among tattooists, but I am curious as to when and how you came across the fascination with ethnic, primitive, geometric motifs embedded mainly in black?

At the beginning I dealt only with color and realism, and this was a natural consequence of the fact that before I started tattooing, I was painting illustrations for books and games, etc. But I realized quite quickly that making dashes and dots gives me much more joy. And if you do what makes you happy, then there is no reason that it should not work out. I made the decision to change the style while working at the Copenhagen Meathaus studio, where I worked with two real Vikings, making beautiful traditional Nordic compositions. For me, what Peter and Uffe did was much more interesting than the hundredth rose and face. So I started my own search. For sure, travel has influenced me very much. The nature and world of folk ornaments is simply an endless source of inspiration. Although it has always been a part of the broadly understood ethics, it is certainly not its traditional concept. I am after all a child of Western civilization and just as my roots are fascinating, so is the world of modern minimalism. What I do is in the balance somewhere between one quality and the other. By narrowing the colour palette and focusing mainly on black, I am able to focus more on the message, form and shape. Besides, there is something very symbolic, beautiful and original in black.

You can not just say “tattooer”, you’re a tattoo-traveler / tattooing traveler / tattoo artist on a journey. You have traveled so many places – very distant, exotic and for many inaccessible. Tell me how much influence you have had, what did these trips give you? Mandalas, Hindu esy-flores, voluminous planes filled with black, tattoos charged – seemingly-understood symbolism we all know, like and admire. They are extremely attractive to the eye, others are very attractive in this dissimilarity. However, I have the impression that your attention is focused on them for completely different reasons.

Tattooing in the studio is work and passion, and tattooing on the go is a hobby! When you tattoo in nature, eg under a waterfall or on the top of a mountain, it is a completely different quality. It becomes something more – a kind of ceremony, artistic happening, a comprehensive experience.

I do not want my tattoos to be just nice pictures. I want them to be amulets that bring luck and protect their owners. I believe that the energy of the shape works even if we do not see it at first glance. That’s why I always try to put a symbol in the center of each tattoo, which becomes the heart of the composition and a specific source of energy, and then to make some beautiful elements around it so that everything takes on fleshiness.

Your attachment to tradition is not only about the motives you make, but also the tool you work with. You do your work with traditional machines but you have dabbled in other methods too haven’t you?

Yes, I had some adventures with traditional techniques, but unfortunately I do not have such experience in them as I would like. It is such a beautiful, incredibly attractive magic. But it also has its limits. You can work with the machine much faster, more accurately and more efficiently. Therefore, my main tool is definitely the machine.

Of course, you drive on guest spots, but you also take equipment with you on your trips and tattoo in different, surprising circumstances. How do you prepare for such, you can probably say, a ritual and who are your clients then?

When I travel, my clients become travel companions whom I meet by accident on the road. Everything is very natural then. But I try to make every session in the studio an unforgettable experience. Very important is the relaxing atmosphere – incense, lots of greenery, special rituals, specially selected ceremonial music. So that both tattooing and receiving a tattoo would be like a meditation.

I also experiment with the very form of this process. Depending on the client’s needs, the session includes a massage, a shaman’s journey by the drum, baths in the sounds of gongs and Tibetan bowls, coaching and food diagnostics. It is wonderful that I can work with my friends who really know what they are doing. At this moment, I tattoo 2 clients a week, so from the logistic point of view it makes a lot of sense. With some customers there is flow and the ceremony itself is created. And with some people, who I do not tattoo – I feel a certain stiffness and lack this flow. That is why tattooing is also very important. Due to time constraints, I am able to work only with some five percent of people who apply to me, so I try to choose them very carefully. They are usually people with open heads and hearts who are looking for something more than what the consumer culture in which we live offers us.

I am interested in one more thing. You are a globetrotter, every now and then you travel to far corners of the globe, even now you are thousands of miles away. What does your return to civilization look like? Every day, or rather “visiting” Poland, you are connected with Bielsko-Biała. And honestly, I wonder how you feel after months spent in various exotic corners of the world, tattooing in the bosom of nature, when you enter the studio – a sterile, specialized room with full access to media, equipment and everything, which without most tattooists could not imagine to work.

Everything takes place very naturally. I do not have a problem with returns, because I assimilate with the situation that surrounds me very quickly. When I’m under the palm, I’m 100% under the palm. When I’m under the birch, I’m under the birch. I used to visit Poland in the past, but since my son was born two years ago, at least for some time, I settled down in home climates. But Poland is also beautiful and has plenty to offer. If it were different, I would not live here) The glass is always either half full or half empty. It depends on you how you see it.

However, there are projects that I think it would be difficult to do out “in the field”. I mean the great compositions you create, they are extremely precise, geometrized and time-consuming. Some of them are so openwork, meticulous, that it frightens thinking about planning them. How does the whole process work, including cooperation with the client?

First, I talk with the client, then, including the anatomy, paint a compositional sketch on the body, and then have an idea of ​​specific directions, shapes and overall flow, or continue to paint details manually or in the case of more complicated designs I design them on a computer. The whole process is very organic. One step defines the next. I almost never know what the tattoo will look like until I finish it. It allows me to constantly get excited about the whole process, and you can evaluate the effects yourself.

You are currently in Asia and you will most likely stay there for a long time. Do you already have a plan for further trips, or maybe you also plan some spots in Poland?

In connection with the birth of my second child, I now work a lot less. This is a very special time when the family needs me the most. During the last business trip I felt that it does not work the way it was when I did not have children. Therefore, at least for a time I gave up all the guest spots and conventions (except the most important one in London – because you know when you get that you have to go. Now I have definitely more family – home moment in life and free time is the most valuable currency, so if I have a weekend off, instead of going to the convention, I prefer to learn something, go to a workshop or ceremonies.

By the way, all this time is a beautiful lesson and an opportunity to stop and think about what is important in life. Now I want to experiment a bit with the form of travel and work along the way. In mid-January we fly with my family for a month and a half to the Canary Islands and I want to tattoo some of my clients there. Just instead of offering them a meeting in winter Poland, we set ourselves up for sessions under the palm tree. In the summer we plan to ride around 3 months in Europe, also tattooing interesting people in interesting places. The idea is to find a balance between travel and work – so that you have the time to show the world to the children, but also that travel costs are returned. I am very excited about it, because if it works, we will have an interesting life.
A year ago, after more than 1.5 years of searching, I found a charming house in the countryside, 20 minutes from Bielsko. And where the road ends, surrounded by a field of wheat, stream and forest, 100 meters from the house, I set myself a studio in the shape of a dome, glazed on all sides, so that you can feel like in the middle of the forest. There is power! The idea is that my clients can take a break from the city noise and feel how close to nature can help in the fight against stress and everyday life. The very fact of being tattooed in such a magical space makes the whole process something very special. Besides, instead of going to someone, in the end I will have the opportunity and conditions to invite someone to myself!

Oh. For several years I have been dealing with widely understood self-development and shamanism. For a long time I have wanted to find a way to use it in my work. Therefore, from this year I plan to start cyclical workshops in which I want to connect the world of shamanism with the world of tattoo. The first edition will take place in early January. I will invite shamans and tattooists to cooperate with a similar approach to what they do, what I do. I want it to be a special experience, both for the client who will have a very special bond with his tattoo and for the tattoo artist. As far as I know, no one has done such things yet, so I have no idea which way this adventure will lead us, but I think there is a huge potential! I’m excited.

It sounds great, I will definitely have to visit you! I wish you, then, that your plans will have the best realization! And thank you for finding the time to talk, being thousands of miles away!

Many thanks for the interview and best wishes to you!

This interview for  Tattoo Fan Magazine was created by  Maria Śmigiel.

All used photographs have been made available by  Piotr Szot.

Piotr Szot fan page:

Piotr Szot Instagram:

Piotr Szot www:


Luke Sayer Tattoo Studio Grand Opening!

Luke Sayer’s official opening date for his brand new studio! Sponsored by Monster Energy along with special guests Mathew Pritchard from MTV’s Dirty Sanchez and Jay Hutton from E4’s TAOTY. Opening Day will be from 12pm-5pm on Saturday the 20th of January, 7 Main Street, Milnthorpe, LA7 7PN!

Win a full day tattoo session with Rock’n’Roll Newcastle!

Rock’n’Roll are hosting a competition for their Newcastle brand in which you can win a full-day session with their resident artist Akos Strenner! All you have to do at a chance to win is share their competition photo on their facebook page and like their Newcastle studio page as well. Competition ends 15th of January at 5pm GMT. Gotta be in it to win it!

Thomas Carli-jarlier & Matteo Pasqualin Seminar

Thomas & Matteo are extremely proud to announce that they will be hosting a 2 day seminar in June later this year which will be held in the beautiful French city, Clermont Ferrand. The seminar will be available in both English and French. There are no exact dates set for the convention but it will almost definitely be around the beginning of June.

You can sign up for this seminar by contacting

New Rat Pack Project Ft. Paul Booth

And they need you! The Rat Pack are back at it again at the upcoming Golden State Tattoo Expo, this team with a special guest in the form of the legendary Paul Booth.  If you’re interested in being a potential canvas for such an incredible piece then you must have extremely strong endurance and a completely clean back.  Send a clear photo of your back to for more details and the chance to be chosen.

Gzy Ex Silesia joining Inkdependent Tattoo Edinburgh

After spending two years in Manchester, Gzy Ex Silesia has recently made the move up north to join Inkdependent Tattoo in Edinburgh!

Bookings are now open and if you’re interested in receiving something by him then contact the studio or Gzy at the email below.

Nikko Hurtado Black Anchor Academy Seminars

In arguably the seminar to end all seminars – the world renowned Nikko Hurtado is holding an absolutely star studded epic event taking place during the Golden State Tattoo Expo from January 25th to January 28th.

Along with Nikko you will be treated to Steve Butcher, Jesse Smith, Shawn Barber, Russ Abbott, Franco Vescovi, Carlos Torres, Boris and Mister Cartoon.

Each of these world class artists will be leading a different focus.

Contact for more information.

Interview with Owen Paulls

Hi Owen, thank you for taking some time out to let us learn more about you and your amazing work.

Thank you guys for coming to hang out!

How did you first get started in tattooing?

I’ve been tattooing a little over four years now I think, I got started the same way as allot of people, through an apprenticeship in a local shop, then onto a local street shop for my first real year of tattooing. I was trying to do anything that came through the door and at that time I loved everything traditional! I had some realistic portraits in my art portfolio but Portsmouth is very traditional heavy, so I moved up north to improve my black and grey.

What were you doing before starting a career in tattooing?

I was playing and touring in bands before I started tattooing, it’s surprising how many people who have a similar back story, coming from the music world to tattooing. I think the attraction is working a craft. I love how quickly tattooing progresses. mastering it is nearly unobtainable, that’s pretty exciting!

Have you always been blessed with a form of artistic ability?

Have I always been artistic? I don’t think so.
I guess music is a kind of art form but in terms of visual art like drawing and painting I’ve just set myself goals and tried to work hard to improve as best I can. I’m a pretty goal oriented person.

It appears as though you’re a travelling artist, constantly on the move. How does this work out for you? Is it hard to consistently find clients and adapt to ever changing scenery?

So I think I’ve been on the road now for around a year now, or just shy of a year. It’s been allot of work for sure but having a touring background with music has definitely helped.
Usually when I go to a new country or location, I spend a few months promoting my guest spot to try and get my name out there as much as possible. It’s really humbling to get to travel to areas where you’re unknown and introducing people to your work for the first time.

There’s been more than a few nightmare airport situations but you just take it as it comes, everything always works out in the end, and once your settled and tattooing, it’s easy to forget all the drama! No set home at the moment, just hotels and guest spots!

Through your travels it’s safe to say you’ve worked with some of the best. Do you feel that these experiences are helping you grow as an artist?

I’ve been so lucky to get to work alongside the people that I have and to have been offered the spots I’ve worked in. It’s great meeting artists I look up to and finding out they’re just as hungry to better themselves as I am! I work pretty long hours so I’m almost glad when I have a free day now to get to watch people work.

What was your style like when you first started? Did you focus on black and grey realism from the get-go?

My style has done a complete 180 since I started tattooing! From bright colourful neo traditional to dark black and grey.
I feel like I was trying to imitate allot of neo traditional artists in my first year and make my work more ‘tattoo’ looking, but I was always more comfortable drawing realistic artwork, so realism became my main focus.

I think tattoos should always reflect the personality of the artist and I think allot of that personality comes from staying true to what makes you happy. Right now, for me, this is realism!

Being so talented at black and grey, I know many artists who prefer to stay in their ‘comfort zone’ and just do what they do best. Do you plan on mixing things up in future? Perhaps some colour tattoos?


I’m trying to visit at least one gallery or art show at every guest spot at the moment, just to try and better my art knowledge. I’d like to do more colour realism work later this year and getting to study so many artists and paintings is really helping me to lay a foundation for that. I’d love to do mostly colour portraits in the future. Especially colour Disney portraits.

A quick look at your portfolio and you can see you have tattooed a lot of Disney characters. Are you a big Disney fan yourself?

Huge Disney fan! It’s become more of an obsession at this point! Especially pin collecting. Don’t get me started on that!
There’s something really satisfying about getting to tattoo Disney and Pixar portraits. I usually have the movie playing whilst I’m working and I’m just as excited to be tattooing as the customer is! If I can transition my animated pieces from black and grey to colour this year, I think that will be an exciting new direction for me.

Do you have any favourite Tattoo Artists?

Favourite tattoo artists? That’s hard to narrow down! I’m finding new people daily on Instagram who blow my mind!
Sarah Miller is one of my favourites. If you see her work healed in real life, it’s something else! She’s also a really hard worker which I admire.

Steve Wimmer has been constantly flawless for years, as has Dmitriy Samohin and Boris.

Steve butcher is a beast, obviously and Timmy B is probably the texture king right now!

There’s far too many to name tho! Basically anybody who’s personality speaks through their pieces!

Who are your biggest inspirations?

inspiration wise I’m big Rembrandt fan. Seeing his work in person at the MET last year blew my mind.
Davis Kassan, Drew Merrit and David grey for their portraits and Irina Cumberland, Mike Dargas for textures. They’re all amazing artists!

What has been the hardest moment in your career thus far, and what has been your favourite?

Traveling full time is always a hard thing to do. Living out of hotels, eating as best you can and catching up on sleep on flights.
The hardest moment has been getting used to being out of my comfort zone. Every shop set up is different, every shop has a different vibe and way of working so I’ve been learning to go with the flow. Appreciating the little things, like your supply order being delivered on time or a hotel on the same street as the shop! (Trust me, after finishing at 2am with no uber around, that 30 minute walk home isn’t so great!)

What does the future hold or have planned for Owen Paulls?

At the moment I’m working towards my u.s work visa that will allow me to live and work permanently in the u.s. It’s kinda scary with everything going on politically there at the moment but it’s become a second home. And… they have two Disney parks!
My aim is to reside in Denver by the summer.

Sounds exciting!
Finally, How would someone go about trying to get a tattoo from yourself if you’re always on the move haha?

So there’s a few ways people can get in touch,
Through my email –

Or by following me on Instagram – @owenpaulls

I post as many tour dates as I can fit in my bio so take a look, see if there’s any close by and shoot me a message!

Thank you,
Owen Paulls

Thank you for your time again Owen, all the best with your future move!

Interview for TattooFan Magazine UK by Tim Drummond

Photos from Owen Paulls social media.

Owen Paulls Instagram:

tattoo side 2017 (1)


The Church Tattoo

Founded in 2016, The Church Tattoo is a fantastic studio with award winning artists covering an array of styles.
Described by many clients as an easy-going and friendly environment, you can find some of the countries top here – resident and guest. Fancy a black and grey piece by one of the best in the country? Nick Imms is your man. Fancy a cool abstract piece? Andy has your back! Definitely a studio to look at.


11 Church road
B97 4AB
United Kingdom

Gung Ho! Tattoo Studio

Gung Ho! First opened its doors in 2007 and over a decade later is going stronger than ever. Home to 4 artists, this studio caters to many styles so you will not have an issue in finding the ‘right’ artist for the job, there is a reason why the studio has been a mainstay in the Birmingham tattoo scene and that is because it has garnered a fantastic reputation for producing great work!


5 Woodbridge Road
B13 8EH
United Kingdom

Body Garden Tattoo

Open since 2010, Body Garden Tattoo is a custom tattoo studio which is owned and operated by Cesar De Cesaro. Described by many as a friendly and professional studio, BGT pride themselves on creating the best possible work per the individual!



26-38 Sheepcote St
Birmingham B16 8JB
United Kingdom

Second City Tattoo Club

Located in Birmingham’s “Jewellery Quarter” is this gem of a studio.
SCTC is a culmination of some extremely talented tattoo artists doing a variety of styles, as well as a steady flow of talented guest artists. With so many artists to choose from it’s like being in a candy shop!



91a Vittoria Street
Jewellery Quarter
United Kingdom

Dark Horse Collective

Now this studio is one of my personal favourites included on this list!

Located on the outskirts of Birmingham, Dark Horse Collective is home to a bunch of award winning artists such as Rich Harris, Kirsten Pettitt and Jamie Knott.

If you love looking at bold colours and abstract tattoos, look no further.


33 Boldmere Road
B73 5UY Sutton Coldfield
United Kingdom

Painted Lady Tattoo Parlour

Established in 2007, PLT has cemented themselves as one of the go to places in Birmingham. With a large base of artists – all specializing in custom work. You can walk in here with an idea and walk-out with something special. Aswell as their talented residents, they consistently get a great line-up of guest artists too!



6 West Heath Road
B31 3TG
Northfield, Birmingham
United Kingdom

Vividink Birmingham

Opened in 2011 – Vivid Ink Birmingham quickly established itself in Birmingham as one of its top studios. The studio itself is apart of a chain of Vivid Ink studios around England, the difference? Birmingham is their flagship studio! With 8 resident artists, you’re never short for choice.



4 Smallbrook
B5 4EN
United Kingdom

House of Thieves

House of Thieves is a custom tattoo studio and the love child of artists Robert & Holly Ashby. Formed in 2015, the studio is located in the “Custard Factory” – Birmingham’s creative quarter, the tattoos that Robert & Holly produce are spectacular. This is a must look if you’re after a illustrative or traditional tattoo!



Unit 14, Gibb Street
Custard Factory
United Kingdom

Modern Body Art

Established in 1999, Modern Body Art is one of the oldest and best custom tattoo studios you can find in Birmingham. Not only do they have incredible award winning resident artists with over 25 years combined experience, they have some of the world’s best passing through for guest spots, Names such as Jeff Gogue, Jason Butcher & Mike Boyd! This list wouldn’t be a list without them!


183-185 Corporation Street
B4 6RG
United Kingdom


Home of the award winning tattoo artist Glen Preece. JQT-1 is a private appointment based studio based in the centre of Birmingham. Along with Glen, you can find his apprentice Chantylou tattooing here also!



Unit 14, Kenyon Forge, Kenyon Street
B18 6DH Birmingham,
United Kingdom

Interview with Jozsef Torok

Have you always had an artistic background?

I always loved to draw when I was a little kid, and later, when I finished the elementary school, I chose to study graphic design.

Were you studing or working before you started to pursue career in tattooing?

I was 18 years old, when I first tried out tattooing, and it was a love at first sight. I was still studying at this time, and for 8 years tattooing was only a hobby for me. I had a lot of other jobs that I tried, I worked as a graphic designer, car seller, etc. Unfortunately I didn’t have time to practice as much as I wanted to, I could only make tattoos on weekends, that’s why it took a long time to be a full-time artist.

How did you first become interested in tattoos?

One of my good old friends started to get tattoos, and once he offered me to go with him and asked if I was interested in getting a tattoo, that I can have one. That was the first time I saw how tattoos are made, and I knew that this is the thing I want to do in the rest of my life.

You are a realistic tattooer and a darn good one at that, what is it about realism that you love so much?

Thank you! I don’t think that realism is the most complicated style, but it’s a challenge for me. It’s a challenge, because the final piece has to look exactly like on the reference picture, and not just until it heals up, but for a very long time. Fresh tattoos are nice, but you can only judge a tattoo artist after you have seen their healed work. Of course, a lot depends on the after care, but that’s an other topic..

Do you prefer to tattoo in colour or black and grey?

Color realism is my absolute favorite, I can’t explain why, I just enjoy doing them a lot.

What was your first tattoo experience like?

As a customer or an artist? Both of the situations were quite interesting, but inspirational, too.


It is a long long long story about one of my friend and me, his first tattoos, after my first tattoos, my first tattoo machines..but in short the first experience was when I saw my friend’s fresh and healed tattoos, I had saw the mistakes in the tattoo. But I thought that tattoos were so cool. After I got one, and I knew I would like get more and make some, I thought this was my path and that I will be tattooist.

What is the most meaningful tattoo you have created thus far?

Ideally a tattoo is always important to the customer. I’m always about to do the best what I can.

Is there anyone you look up to in the tattoo industry?

There are some artists, yes. It’s hard to explain, but there is one-one details I can see in every of their works which I really like. i mean the way they do it. For example I love how Victor Chil draws, and uses colors.

Who are you most grateful to when it comes to inspiration?

To anybody who creates any kind of art that moves my fantasy.

Is there anything that you dislike about being a tattoo artist?

It’s hard to plan anything, when my calendar is full for the next half year. I can’t get ill, because customers get angry when I need to move their appointments. It’s hard, when I work on a plan for hours, and they change their ideas about the tattoo. It’s hard, when they want to tell me, what and how to do, because they think they know it better. Or when I want to finish a tattoo, but they can’t handle the pain anymore, and give up earlier. I understand this, but I feel disappointed.

What has been the hardest moment in your career thus far, and what has been your favourite?

I got a job offer from England, and I decided to move there. It was a hard time of my life, because I had to leave my home, but now I can tell that it was a good decision. These changes drove me to the right direction.

Is there any advice that you have been given that has stuck with you throughout your career?

I was told that the most important thing is to stay respectful to the profession and to the customers, and a world-wide well known and respected Hungarian artist, Zsolt Sarkozy told me to not afraid of black color. I will never forget these words.

Do you have any advice for people who are looking to get their first tattoo?

Choose a design which is personal, have a meaning, something that they won’t regret, which is worth the money, and the time to wait for it. And find the right artist who can create the best out from the idea.

Outside of work, what are your other interests?

My most favorite hobby is fishing. Being in a peaceful place and waiting for the big catch. I also like to watch documentary movies, learn about the world, and like most men, I love cars.

Do you have any goals or challenges?

To sleep enough! Improve myself and enjoy life.

Haha and Finally, How would someone go about getting a tattoo from yourself?

I am a resident artist in a German tattoo shop (0711 Nadelspiel Tattooatelier), but I take guest spots and conventions during the year. If you want to know more, I always share the information on my social media sites.
instagram: @torok_tattoo_art

Thank you very much for your time Jozsef, it was a pleasure to know more about you.

Interview for TattooFan Magazine UK by Tim Drummond

All photo and media content has been taken from Piotr’s social media.
Visit Jozsef’s facebook and instagram page here; Jozsef Torok & @torok_tattoo_art

Guest Spots

Benjamin Laukis at Empire Ink!
24th Feb – 1st of March

The legendary Benjamin Laukis returns to Scotland for a second time! Back again at Alex Rattray’s Empire Ink, fantastic pieces ensued last time – it’ll be more of the same no doubt. All enquiries and contact should be forwarded to the studio.

25th-27th January 2018

Colin will be at Timebomb Tattoo towards the end of January but only for a couple of days so do not wait to get booked! Email him below as spaces are extremely limited.

13th-19th February 2018

Horror expert Vainius Anomaly is also heading to Fat Fugu tattoo studio in February 2018.
All booking & enquiries should go to the studio.

JJ Jackson at Luke Sayer Tattoo Studio
February 2018

E4 TAOTY contestant will be reunited with fellow showman Luke Sayer at his new studio during February. JJ only has the 8th and 9th available so you’ll need to act fast if you’re after a piece!

3rd-7th April 2018

The incredible David Corden will be on of the many world-class artists heading on to Ash Lewis’s new studio in the new year!

Contact to get booked.

13th-19th February 2018

Maria is coming to Fat Fugu tattoo studio in February 2018.
All booking & enquiries should go to the studio.

Katusza Kwiatkowska at Inkdependent Tattoo Studio Edinburgh
12th-17th February 2018

Piotr Gie Guest Spots
January 2018

Piotr Gie has another huge line of guest spots around the UK this month. Here are the dates and studios where you can find him at, if you’re interested in getting a piece then be sure to send him a message at the email below along with placement/size/idea.

Glasgow – Rock’n’Roll Tattoo
5th – 6th

Dublin – Dublin Ink

Birmingham – The Church Tattoo

Hull – Bishop Tattoo Company
31st-3rd of February

Mike Love UK Guest Spots

Fans of Hand-poked tattoos heads up! Mike Love is heading to a few studios around the country this year.

TOOTH & TIGER – Wakefield
February 23-24

MARCH 16-17

NINE LIVES – Brighton

MAY 11-12


JULY 27-28


8th-13th January 2018

The master of blackwork returns to Scotland! Next January Robert Borbas, A.K.A Grindesign will be returning to Rock’n’Roll studios for a guest spot. All booking & enquiries should go to the studio.

14th-20th January 2018

Mihai is a talented artist who specializes in black and grey work and will be at Skin & Needles Middlesbrough in January. Spaces are limited so please get in touch ASAP if you wish to book.

25th-27th January

Abstract awesomeness inbound! The brilliant Rich Harris is guest spotting at Darkside Studio in January. Get booked ASAP!

23rd-27th January
14th-24th March

Paul is heading to David Corden’s Semper Tattoo Studio twice in 2018! Keep a look out and bag yourself a tattoo before he heads to America!

Contact for availability and enquiries!

Mark Heart at Titanic Tattoo & Piercing!
20th-25th February 2018

Mark returns to Titanic Tattoo & Piercing Southampton in February! He’ll only be there for a few days however so you will need to act fast to get booked in. You can do so by emailing the link below!

Interview with Inez Janiak

Inez, when exactly did your adventure with tattoos begin?

I bought my first set of machines in 2011 and it started more as a rebellion against the world. All my friends started studying, they had big dreams, but they slowly lost themselves. After months, years of studying, they suddenly realized that life is not so colourful. The studies they chose will not give them a great job, nor time for passion and making their dreams come true. I absolutely did not want to live like that, I wanted to just do something that will also be my passion. That’s why I took the papers from one of the universities in Lodz, I bought equipment and started to try to tattoo, first on artificial skins, then on courageous friends, and after half a year I got a job in my first studio. I was the only tattoo artist there, so I did not develop, I had no one to learn from. The turning point in my career was 2014, when Majk Nołfak wrote to me (I could not thank you enough). From Dawn to Dusk, there was a place for one tattoo artist and I should try my hand. I still work here to this day.

From what I once heard, you had some experience with graphics before, so I guess your artistic background was not that bad. Although many tattooists currently have similar experiences (I mean in graphics), this is not an obvious way to become a tattoo artist. What pushed you in this direction?

My only one experience with “graphic design” before I started tattooing was making some drawings of dinosaurs or self-made greeting cards for my parents. As a child I was scribbling on walls and everything I could, which irritated my parents. So I’ve drawn ever since I can remember… I used pencil, paint, but I gave up paints and focused on pencil, ink and carbon. Now I’m in the penultimate year of graphic design studys, but I study only for my mom, cause I promised her I will graduate with something. But I feel that for me my work is more developmental than studys.

In fact, I’ve always associated you with the style you currently represent, but I guess your beginnings may not be well known to me. What did they actually look like?

Bad? in those days neo traditional tattoo was the most fashionable so I had been trying to work this way but I was always too scatterbrained to make stuff like that. I don’t remember exactly who said this to me, but it sounded more or less like that: “Needles should be used in the same way as brushes, pencils – even though they are intended for filling up, it isn’t said that you can’t use them for outlines. if it works and looks good, why not?”. And I started to combine, I remember that even when I was drawing in my childhood or designing the work under neo(traditional), my line was a bit “loose”. I thought it could be used every day. My current boss and buddy, Sebastian, at the beginning of our cooperation, he told me: “Make your brand.” It has deeply rooted in my subconscious, for which I am extremely grateful to him.

What about your tattoo style, how should it be specified? You use a “sketchy technique”, could you tell us something more about what you create every day?

I prefer the term “sketch-style”. Every day I come to work, I talk with a client, I will scribble something on a piece of paper, then I put it on the skin, in the meantime it hurts a little and is fun. But seriously. I am very consistent in what I do, I want the work on the skin to imitate the pencil sketch as faithfully as possible. I love bold themes and abstractions, but the clients most willingly do anthropomorphic motifs and animals, I do not complain. I like animals. However, because of my work I hated wolves, I try not to show it, but when I hear the word “wolf” on references, I quickly run away!

And how are your projects created, how do you prepare for them?

When I work on-site in Łódź, I usually prepare myself directly before tattooing. I like to talk with my client in front of the session because unfortunately in messages it is difficult for people to describe what they really want. I also like to look at the customer’s body before designing to prepare the sketch accordingly. After a short exchange of opinions, I get to work, and then I show the sketch for the initial acceptance. If we like it, we’re go with that topic. Whenever I’m getting ready to go abroad. I am trying to prepare all the outlines before the trip, so that I have time to explore the area. 1-2 evenings a week I spend painting, drawing and looking for inspiration not imposed on me by customers projects, free to the imagination.

Many female tattooers, of course, there are exceptions, they rather opt for a cheerful, feminine, often colorful style, I do not mean one particular style, but rather some tendencies. You, however, went the other way – eliminate the color altogether, your works are preserved in black and although the statement that they are dark could be a slight obtuce, they certainly are not typically “woman’s knitting”. Where did the idea for such solutions come from?

Recently, I checked the statistics on my social media profiles and the most of my followers are males, but it doesn’t mean that my style can’t do a feminine tattoo. On the contrary, from thin strokes you can create very subtle works. which does not change the fact that I definitely prefer dark and heavy style. Besides, a lot of girls like to be tattooed in a dark style. In fact I’m very cheerful person, probably cause any negative emotions I always transfer to paper. However I know a few well-known female-tattooers, who also like to do “masculine” works, so I’m not the only one.

Your style is original but also specific. Tell me, is every topic suitable to be presented in such a way, or are there any topics that you do not want to take?

Some time ago I was visited by a couple of runners who were discoverers of a diatom, but unfortunately its shape was not entirely suitable for illustrating in my style. Sometimes I refuse to make a theme, these are rare cases, but it does happen. If I do not feel something, or I’m not sure if I will do it in a way that my client will be happy, then I do not want to do it. I also do not make offensive, xenophobic motives, etc.

Are you a beleaguered tattoo artist, does your work have a lot of fans? However, from what I’ve heard, art is not your only passion. It was also music, am I right? Can you tell me more about it? Everyone knows that the work of a tattoo artist is very absorbing. Does it leave you any time for further development in other directions?

It’s true that once I was a singer, but I do not want to be associated with it. I removed evidence of my crime from the network. Sometimes I want to record something again, I liked the adrenaline associated with performances on the stage, now I replace it with all kinds of strange sports from long distance running, OCR, boards, snowboarding, crossfit rolls. It allows me to remove my head away from people, work, rest for a moment and press on to the max.

You are a young person and still have many years in this beautiful profession in front of you, but your career has probably come at a surprisingly fast pace. What are your future plans, what are your goals?

My relatives know that I do not rest and I have millions of ideas per second and most of it are realized. I write my master’s thesis, I work on a sketchbook, graphics for clothes and I’m getting ready for few trips, like to China, US, but I won’t disclose any more of the details right now. you’ll find out soon. Advantage of this opportunity, I would like to thank everyone who had good influence on me and on my work – my customers, my colleagues, Łęczyca city and all those I met during this period. Recently, in a post on my instagram, I wrote that I am the sum of events and people who have crossed my path and I support it. Thank you once again!

This interview for  Tattoo Fan Magazine was created by  Maria Śmigiel.

All used photographs have been made available by Inez Janiak.

Inez Janiak fanpage:

Inez Janiak Instagram:

UK Conventions

24-25 February 2018

Brighton Tattoo Convention is pleased to announce that its next show dates will be the weekend of the 24th & 25th of February 2018! The 11th edition of the Brighton Tattoo Convention is not to be missed!

3rd-4th March 2018

Now in its 7th year, the next edition of the Tattoo Tea Party will be held within EventCity in Manchester. The venue will have live tattooing & entertainment, free fun fair rides, carnival acts and much more!

8th April 2018

2018 is set to be Ink & Iron’s best year yet featuring a great selection of tattooists, live music and other amazing acts, trade stalls, top class custom show and an exciting new art exhibition!

4th-6th May 2018

Live tattooing from over 250 of the best tattoo artists in the world. Live performances, competitions and market stalls – there’s something for everyone. The Liverpool Tattoo Convention has solidified its reputation as one of the best UK tattoo conventions year after year.

7th-8th July 2018

Now in its fifth year, The Leeds International Tattoo Expo have announced their 2018 dates! With the success of previous shows and the caliber of artists attending, it is becoming one of the must attend tattoo conventions in the UK

World Conventions

26th-28th January 2018

Hosted by the legendary Carlos Torres & Nikko Hurtado, The Golden State Tattoo Expo is not a convention to be missed! With equally legendary artists such as Paul Booth, Stefano Alcantara, Rich Pineda and Big Gus, this convention

9th-11th February 2018

One of the world’s longest and most respected tattoo conventions returns for its 23rd Annual Edition, It is of course the Milano Tattoo Convention! With some of the best artists around the globe attending – it will surely be great like always!

February 16th-18th 2018

Back with its annual show, the next Space City Tattoo Expo already has a star studded line-up. The legendary Bob Tyrell will be there, also attending is the incredible Tony Mancia and Teej Poole. With more artists to be announced!

7-8 APRIL 2018

Next year’s Tattoo Days festival will open in Lublin –  it’s second edition in the city. On behalf of the organizers we invite you to attend on the 7-8 of April 2018!

Interview with Piotr Dedel

What first attracted you to the tattoo world?

I think it was a few tattoos that I saw on the magazines, they had this particle of technique and scary visions that I was doing on my drawings. I’ve been drawing scary things all since the days when I was a kid, it was my true passion. When I was a student I wasn’t happy with the path I had chose. I was studying landscape architecture and this was not what I was expecting from my life. I always wanted to be more open as an artist. I remember watching the pictures on magazines and I told to myself in my head “hey, I could do that, it looks easy to make” … but it wasn’t. Anyway, I bought the equipment and changed the way of my life, breaking my studies to become a tattoo artist.

How long have you been tattooing now?

It’s been 11 years since May 2006

What was the first tattoo that you ever attempted and how did it turn out?

First tattoo I did was on my leg. It’s a very small symbol and I did it with a sewing needle and ink from a pen. I was 10 years old boy. I was really scared of my mom and tried to hide it as it was symbol of blasphemy.

What does tattooing mean to you?

There’s many ways you can express yourself doing really philosophical themed tattoos related to death, beauty of nature and mix it with each other, and human’s skin is deeply meaningful to this art I think.

In your opinion, what would you say makes a good tattoo?

No matter what style it is a good tattoo has that something that makes you feel that the artist put his soul in it. It’s a complexity of several things such as a good creative idea, proper size which is well placed on the anatomy, angelic lines, sense of saturation, depth, 3-dimensional effect… but not necessary too much focused on realism. My favorite tattoos are not too realistic, I like balance between realism and freehanded solutions. If it’s well done technically, colours which are nicely blended and if you can feel balance between chaos and order- then I can say that the tattoo is good.

Do you have any favourite tattoo artists?

Sure, there’s a couple of them such as Victor Portugal, Dmitriy Samohin, Robert Hernandez, Ad Pancho, Valentina Ryabova , Julian Siebert make do a good job, the guys I’m working with in the shop…I cannot mention all of them, there’s really huge amount of amazing tattoo artists now.

You work at such an great studio with amazing artists, is there ever a friendly rivalry to try top each others work?

Yeah the artistic level in Kamil Tattoos is very high, which is a challenge. Everyone has that something which makes you feel a bit jealous but this is a good, motivating jealousy. We’re all learning from each other, we’re listening to each other about some mistakes, better solutions, sometimes we meet to draw together and we’re all good friends.

An artist as good as yourself surely has won many awards in your career, is there one that means the most to you?

This is not true, I have won only one.. haha. But the reason why is simply that I never show my tattoos in competition… I could say more, I’m not doing many conventions. I choose 1, up to 2 conventions and I go there just to meet people and have fun. The award I won was in London Tattoo Collective last year and I really didn’t want to be a part of the competition but my friends made this decision for me. And I won 3rd place in black and grey category. It was nice, I really appreciate it but I’m not a kind of an awards hungry man, really, I’m just doing my job, trying to make my clients happy, that’s most important.

Do you have any rituals to prepare for a tattoo?

Of course, music is the basic ritual in my work, it makes my work fluent and I get out of my mind. I drink a lot of coffee which is really helpful to get into that creative state of mind. I’m trying to keep positive thoughts that motivates me to be fully focused and reach 110% of my abilities.

Do you have a favourite tattoo that you have done in all the years that you have been tattooing?

My fav tattoo is the full back with guardian angel on the skull background which I done in 30 hours. I remember being hypnotized doing it because there was a good energy between me and my client and she gave me complete freedom with my vision, that’s why it came up so good.

Full body blank canvas, unlimited freedom, what do you do?

Oh I love to do things that I used to do on my drawings years ago. You can see the melting faces, naked girls, skulls, things very twisted. I love to mix dark themed subjects with new age trippy fractals, similar to Alex Grey’s compositions. Yes, I love trippy, twisted and scary ideas.

What is the most outlandish thing someone has ever asked you to tattoo?

Hmmm I don’t remember, sorry.. I mean I’ve never got an offer outlandish enough to stay in my mind as worth to remember.

You have a very beautiful dark style, if you could how would you describe your style in your own words?

As I said above “trippy” would be a good word to describe it. Surrealistic is a big word reserved to really big artists such as Zdzislaw Beksinski, Salvador Dali, etc. But this is my dream, to make people talking about my work being surrealistic. I’m not trying to be too realistic, just trying to catch this sophisticated balance, as I appreciate well done realistic tattoos.

What has been your favourite and hardest moment in your career?

My favorite moment was when I left my country and I realised how people out of Poland loved the things I’m doing. I started to travel and I’ve gained confidence as a tattoo artist that pushed me forward. The hardest and sad moment in my career was when I realised that many people from the industry that were my friends showed their true colours being jealous and trying to take me down. It’s always about big egos, people are causing shit around you to feel better. But it doesn’t make me sad anymore, I just accepted that as a natural process in human nature.

Outside of tattooing, what hobbies and interests do you have?

I’m a musician, I love guitars and singing. Currently I’m making 2 albums parallelly. One is my own solo project where I play kind of metal, deathcore..really heavy. And the other project I just created with my friends from Kraków and we play kind of heavy rock. Both albums take my heart when I’m off after work and it fills up my life giving my 2nd chance if one day my age or health doesn’t let me do tattoos anymore.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

Terrence McKenna once said “Forget the ideologies. They betray, they limit, they lead astray. Just deal with the raw data and trust yourself. Nobody is smarter than you are, just go for direct experience and liberate yourself from an illusion of culture”.

What would be the best way for someone to contact you for a tattoo?

The best way is to contact me on email

Finally, is there anything you’d like to say?

Thank you very much for interesting and giving me a chance to speak a little about myself. Hope to see you in the future, cheers!

Definitely! Thanks for speaking to me, Piotr. All the best in the future!

Interview for TattooFan Magazine UK by Tim Drummond

All photo and media content has been taken from Piotr’s social media.
Visit Piotr’s facebook and instagram page here; Piotr Dedel & @piotrdedel

Job Listings


New Year, new opportunity!

The fantastic team over at Artium Ink in Exeter have just announced that they are looking for an experienced and talented tattoo artist to join their team. Competitive chair rental – no cuts! Existing client base IS essential as they are a private studio!

If you’re interested then send your portfolio along with social media links to


Fat Fugu is expanding and are now looking for part-time and full-time tattoo artists to join their team. A strong portfolio and a hard working attitude is essential. They’re also looking for a minimum of 3 years experience and having your own client base wouldn’t hurt – this is not essential however. If you fit the criteria and would like to apply, send your portfolio as well as your social media links to!


Ollie Tye and his crew are looking to add some new monsters to their team! If you’re an experienced tattoo artist with a great portfolio then apply at the email below along with your profile and social media links.


Think you have the skill set to work at The Circle? Well you’re in luck – they’re currently recruiting! Message the email below with a bit about you along with your social media links and portfolio.



Sebastian Nowacki’s new studio, Tattoobylaw is still looking for an established artist to join his team. If you’re interested then all inquiries should be sent to along with your portfolio and social media links.

Job location will be in Rochester, Kent, England.


So far Rock’n’Roll is based in:
Scotland: Edinburgh, Musselburgh, Glasgow, Dundee
England: London, Southampton, Newcastle
Poland: Kraków, Warsaw, BielskoBiala, Katowice, Wroclaw, Gdansk

If you are looking to join RnR then send them an e-mail at: with links to your social media.


False Flag Tattoo are looking for a new tattooist to join their team! They’re looking for at least 3 years shop experience, a good portfolio, no egos and no drink or drug problems. Email with your details and a link to your work!


What a chance this is for a lucky individual. The amazing Jorge Becerra is looking for a very talented and serious artist to take under his wing and mentor for the start of 2018. If you’re interested – serious applicants only – message the email below along with social media links & portfolio.


Crossroads Tattoo Studio based in Fife, Scotland are looking for a new experienced tattoo artist to join their team! All styles will be considered, good portfolio and being able to work well with others is a must. Interested applicants may apply at the email below along with your email – attach your portfolio and social media links.


Strong portfolio required, must have own clientele. Apply via below with your portfolio, a brief introduction and your social media links.


They are looking for a professional tattoo artist to cover a short notice holiday (DEC-FEB), must have at least 5 years experience and good customer skills. Preferably someone who is adept in at least one of; Black and Grey Realism, Colour Portrait or Japanese tattooing.

Email below with your portfolio and a little about you.


You must have studio experience and a strong portfolio. Great rates and you get to work with friendly & driven team. They’re also looking for guest artists too! Apply via their facebook page “Twisted Fate Doncaster”


All levels of studio experience considered. Must be willing to work as part of a friendly growing team of professionals. Studio is located in Wolverhampton city centre.

All enquiries, please send a few shots of your work and your basic information with the subject “ARTIST” to;

Current Edition & Previous Editions

January 2018 – Issue Four

Our fullest issue yet.

Take a journey into the mind of the lines and shapes with the Shamanistic Piotr Szot and learn more about him and his methods. More interviews within this issue contain the black & grey wonderkid Owen Paulls, the surrealistic Piotr Dedel and the realism expert Jozsef Torok! As always there are more wonderful articles inside.

Free Shipping within the UK

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December 2017 – Issue Three

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way!

Our December issue was sure packed with wonderfully wrapped articles and interviews. Featuring the world-class Grindesign as our cover along with the phenomenal black and grey wizard Thomas Carli-jarlier and crazy styles of Łukasz Sokołowski. Own a copy today!

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November 2017 – Issue Two

Our second issue is filled with star studded realism talents from across the world.

It kicks off with E4’s Tattoo Artist of the Year’s Luke Sayer as our featured cover artist, along with one of the most respected names in Europe – Pavel Krim, before going back to the UK in the form of the ever so talented Jurgis Mikalauskas & colourful Damian Gorski.

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October 2017 – Issue One

Our first issue!

This issue contains the interviews of the wonderfully talented Ben Kaye, Yarson Stahowic, Tomasz ‘Tofi’ Torfinski & Daryl Watson as well as some interesting articles!

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