Intrview with Damian Górski

Tell me about your beginnings – times before you realized that you wanted to become a tattoo artist. As far as I know, your early choices, in terms of education or work experiences didn’t herald that kind of development for that field at all. Am I right?

I started tattooing at the age of 16, when I built my first machine, the so-called; “string”. This adventure did not last long, because it was more important for me to skateboard and snowboard. Studying – nothing related to art, unless we call it survival art, or partying. After 3 years of intensive study – emigration to London. It was here in my spare time – after work, I started to tattoo again, initially at home, later in the studio, where I was alone, then at a studio in Warsaw, and now in Ushuaia Tattoo London.

You did not finish the Academy of Fine Arts (of course, I’m not saying that it’s something that’s decisive, or that it’s about talent, or lack thereof), but what you do is a testament to your huge, unprecedented talent. This shows that you have always had a great potential, did you know about it before? Has art always been a part of your life, were you aware of your possibilities?

In fact, I knew that I could draw. although I was not interested in anything related to drawing or painting. I always wanted to be professional skater or snowboarder. Right now though, I can not imagine life without tattooing.

What did your origins look like? Which people on your journey help shape you and your talents? Did you have any moments of doubt, or was it all from the beginning that you made the only right choice?

The early beginnings of my tattooing career go back to my holidays when I was 16 years old. Tattooing began with a man who had just come out of jail. So I constructed my first ‘string’, which I the used on half of my buddys, giving them a unique experience and a crap tattoo. My tattooing ended as fast as those holidays.

However, the stereotypical point “Tattoo = prison”, has some justification in this case, given that my first tattoo (done of course years ago, 10 or something like that) was done by ‘Mr. Darek from prison’ haha.

Today, however, strings, etc. in your case can be forgotten long ago. The reasons for your work may always be sought in realism, but it is not a typical reproduction of reality images. Could you tell us about what you are creating?

I have always liked tattooing portraits, although I like to combine emotions expressed in facial expressions with a picture of a situation that they could relate to. I also like surrealism, which gives me a bit more freedom. It usually seems that I sit on the tablet, turn on the headphones and do what I think is appropriate for this moment.

And what topics do you consider to have the most vital to your development, which allows you to best express what is sitting in your soul?

Every topic I like to connect with the human face, or its elements. But most of all, I am happy with the customers who choose projects from the “free-author” folder.

It turns out that from customers with a clear vision of what they will wear on the skin, do you prfer to work with those who allow you the freedom to create the realization of your ideas?

Definitely free will, thus creating the best of my work.

And what inspires you most, how are your ideas born?

My projects are usually very spontaneous, I never really know what the final effect will be. I am mainly inspired by photography, in which I base my tattoos from my pictures.

I once read that the greatest joy for you is the work of black & gray, but for a long time you reign colour tattoos, extremely colourful, contrast, so colour or black?

Haha it depends … I enjoy doing colour tattoos as well as black and gray. Depending on whether I’ve had my period or not haha. I always give my clients the choice in terms of colour, because I really like colour and gray.

At the moment you are the owner of Ushuaia Tattoo London, which means that one of your greatest dreams has already come true, what are you doing now?

Yes, you have to have dreams because sometimes they really do come true if you believe in them! Goals? I really care about the good atmosphere in the studio, the team that supports each other and shoots. Private family, children and more time for loved ones.

This interview for TattooFan Magazine was done by Maria Śmigiel.

All photos come from Damian Gorski’s social media.

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