How many people make up your team, and organised them originally?
PSYCHO DOLLS are “crazy dolls”, transforming madness into passion and energy, into a fantastic show full of femininity and sex appeal. We are a group of girls with extreme interests and a passion for adrenaline. By combining these features and emotions and our diverse characters, we have created this unique show together. PSYCHO, because we are not afraid of challenges and fire, we know what we want, we like danger and we feed on adrenaline. DOLLS, because it’s a group of unusual and completely different girls. All different but each is strong, courageous and have a fire in their hearts. The team includes Naffti Mama, Malina-Satan Sister, Peachy Kopa, Baby Face Waleria, Akro Ya Mayka, Shazza Extaz and Gumbi Ninja.

When and where did the idea come from, to set up Psycho Dolls?
The founding member of our project is Naffti – Kinga, who wanted to be a firefighter but wasn’t permitted to learn. She said that if she can not extinguish it, then she will make the fire! But seriously, the idea was born thanks to the motocross events at which she worked. As you know, testosterone dominates such events, and they lacked a female voice. When looking for attractions at similar events, the idea to blend fire with dancing arose. Looking for the perfect solution, Kinga decided to create her own group. Five years ago, the search for equally fiery girls, dancers and masochists began. We are the first group of this type in Poland, of which we are very proud.

The name of your group is very appropriate – you must be a little “psycho” to choose to carry out such extreme exploits. For those who don’t yet know, and have not had the opportunity to see you live, please tell us a little bit about what your show is about.
Haha! That’s right. You have to be a little crazy to deal with it. The show full of adrenaline, with live fire on the stage, beautiful women and lots of energy. Dance and fire tricks – fire breathing, fire eating and body burning are an inseparable part of our performances. You can not describe it – come and see it yourself.

Fire is usually something we have been told to avoid since childhood. Boys usually dream about extinguishing them, yet you decided to create the fire. What about the danger? You can’t eliminate the risks altogether, do you always have other factors to take into account? How much work is necessary to maintain the levels of professionalism?
As the “Psycho Dolls”, each of us has always been drawn to danger and extreme emotions. Although we are crazy – safety is always the most important issue. The risk of burns is always going to be there. That is why it is the first thing that we consider when planning shows. Our safety and our viewers’ safety is our priority. We work all the time in the workshop because we want to grow. We have regular rehearsals and meetings where we work on what else we can do to surprise and how to spice up our show. Additionally, we practice stage movement and acrobatics.

You must be addicted to the adrenaline. You surely cannot do such things if you can’t handle strong emotions? Do you still get stage fright or fear? Maybe they are feelings that no longer grace you once you get on to the stage?
Yes, as we mentioned (already a million times), we definitely like adrenaline! We get jitters every single time! There is no difference if we perform for 10 or 100,000 people – we always give 200% of ourselves, which is why there is so much stress. However, when it comes to fear – there is no place for it. We are dealing with an element that we must tame, which is why fear, and above all panic, are not allowed in such circumstances.

And what skills does a girl need if she wants to join and be one of your team?
To join Psycho Dolls you must have the fire in you! Be a courageous and open person not afraid of hard work and, above all, fire! You have to love yourself and be sure of your femininity. We love it when someone brings new skills to the group. It gives us the opportunity to diversify our show, develop with each other and acquire new skills. In one sentence, you have to be ONE BAD ASS MOTHERF-CKER!

You are not the only group that performs “fire show” performances. What distinguishes you from the rest of the pack?
There’s definitely diversity among each group, each of us is completely different and you can see it on the stage.
We’re like a candy store – everyone can find something that suits them. Starting from hair colour, tattoos, attitudes. We all have (oddly, very masculine) alter egos. which we like to joke about. Because rock’n’roll is not a tube of cream. Our shows differ significantly from the classic fire show performed in the past. With our diverse music and climate, which we can build around us, through our carefully practiced choreography and costumes that awaken the imagination of the audience, ending with even more attraction. In addition to the fire show, we also have someone dancing with a snake, dancing in the air and also on the pole. We are flexible, without any problems we can adapt to the customers’ needs. Beyond the stage, we like to create a hot atmosphere. We have fun and are happy to pose for photos and happier still to answer all of the fans questions.

You perform at various events, even during concerts – We even met you at tattoo conventions, etc. You had the opportunity to be one stage with Machine Gun Kelly. How can organizers of similar events contact you in order to arrange to work with you?
It’s best to contact by phone or email – You can also find all the information at and Instagram @thepsychodolls. LIKE THIS! #supportyourlocalgirlgang #cutebutpsycho
P.S. MGK Gang, we all fucking love you!

So far, from what I know, you are performing primarily in Poland, are you also planning some performances outside its borders – are you open to offers from abroad?
Not true! We have performed the show in many countries – in Italy, Spain, Austria, Ireland, Germany… We like to get to travel to new places and in the near future, we will travel even more. Stay tuned!

Each of you are noticeably incredibly beautiful, emphasised further so by your stage costumes and the entire atmosphere accompanying your show. To be honest with you, it’s difficult to imagine you going home, jumping into a tracksuit and watching TV, stroking a cat! What does your everyday life look outside of, and in between performances? How do you find the balance between all of the adrenaline and everyday life?
That’s exactly what it looks like. Each of us returns home and strokes something, ha! But when we go to the city, we have always good fun. In addition to Psycho, each of us works professionally somewhere else, but they are still artistic activities. Fireshow is our escape from reality, as we mentioned earlier, we have our stage (not the men!) alter ego, which we gladly adopt during the shows. We can vent their wildness on the stage so when we come back home, our men can feel safe!

This interview for Tattoo Fan Magazine was conducted by Maria Śmigiel

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