“I wanted it to be nice, cosy and homey, and at the same time professional. I think that I managed to combine these assumptions and hope that our clients also love this place. What matters most to me is the high-qualitywork we do. I mean not only tattoos, piercings too. The atmosphere we create is very important to me and thanks to this we are a very close team – every day of work in the studio is a great day spent with friends, “- Ola.

Ola has always been drawing and creating various things, but without real purpose for some time. She openly admits Jarek Gorajek – an outstanding realist – persuaded her to reach for the tattoo machine. She started her tattoo journey in 2012 under Sebastian Wierzbicki, the founder of the studio Od Świtu Do Zmierzchu, where she spent the next five years. During this time, she put a lot of work into her development. Her great ambition and persistence, numerous trips to foreign studios – where she also gained experience – working surrounded by the best artists, participation in conventions resulting in numerous prizes; all of this contributing to her great success.

Ola on her tattoo work and about herself:
“It’s like my own mix of neo-modern style with watercolours and sketches, I also like to do black, purely graphic, dotwork works. I love animal themes, characters from movies, cartoons and anime. Although my clients are mostly women, since I have fallen in love with graphic tattoos, I have more and more male clients. Like any tattoo artist, I have my favourite subjects, but when I choose projects I am guided by one criteria above all – I undertake projects where I know I will do my best work. I love nature and whenever I can, I use every spare moment to go somewhere away from the city. I love animals, sometimes I just lie on the couch with my cats and relax after work. Unfortunately, I do not have much time for other activities, when I do not work, I try to devote as much attention to my relatives as possible.”

Ola invited exceptional people to work with her. Currently, the studio crew consists of the ladies themselves and it is a well-coordinated team full of exceptional talent.

Ewa Sroka is an undisputed master of watercolour tattoos – her work exploding with vivid, contrasting colours. Her works have won a huge crowd of fans, not only in Poland but also abroad.
“I am a graduate of the Lodz Academy of Fine Arts. Before I started tattooing, for three years I worked as a graphic designer in the computer games industry. The decision to change my profession came with the discovery of tattoos that look like brush marks on the skin. I was fascinated by their expressiveness and from the beginning, I knew that this is the direction in which I wanted to learn and develop. Professionally I have been tattooing for four years. My favourite and, at the same time, most often tattooed designs are animals. At one time I tattooed a lot of roses, but I started to feel stifled and bored with this pattern. Fortunately, there is no indication that the cats that currently dominate in my portfolio will ever bore me. When I draw for my own pleasure, I choose topics that I rarely tattoo on the skin, i.e. landscapes and nudes. They give me a great break from what I do every day. When I have long periods of free time, I relax by sailing. I love both inland and sea sailing, and my dream is to cross the Atlantic.”

Basia Kowalska is definitely one of the most experienced piercers in our country, but piercing is not her only passion. Working with Ola in Ładnych Rzeczach did not happen accidentally, instead the bond came from the result of many years of working together and a true friendship grew between the two women.

“Psychologist by education, piercer by vocation. Piercings have fascinated me since I remember, and because psychology turned out to be the wrong profession, I almost missed my calling, I decided to pursue my piercing passion. I started my adventure with the tattoo studio 9 years ago from piercing in the Od Świtu Do Zmierzchu studio in Lodz. There I got to know the specifics of the trade and met wonderful people. After a few years of piercing, however, there was an irresistible urge to develop and look for new experiences. My best friend – Ola Kozubska, who showed me how to hold the razor in my hand, came with help. Tattooing became for me a great springboard and a break from piercing.

At present, in Ładne Rzeczy I deal with both crafts, thanks to which, I will never get bored with these two things. After a year of keeping the machine in my hand, I find that the most satisfying work is when tattooing small, minimalistic works, I also love geometrical challenges, dotwork and mandalas. Recently, I’ve started enjoying working in colour ”

Personally, I had the pleasure of meeting Ola at the very beginning of her career and with great admiration I’ve watched her progression. I was happy to see how this unique place is created, and in it – nice things. Certainly, its success is the result of not only hard, solid work, but also modesty, honesty and the genuine goodness of the people working in the studio.

“My biggest dream is that my studio, myself and the people who work with me, are valued in Poland for the high quality of the work they do to make everyone feel at home, both clients and the guest artists. These short years of my internship have brought me the opportunity to meet great people, artists and learning from the best. I very much hope that the next ones will be equally as fruitful “- Aleksandra Kozubska.

This article for Tattoo Fan Magazine was prepared by Maria Śmigiel
Studio photography by Patrycja Jędrzejewska

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