Monkey Hide Tattoo opened in the autumn of 2017. A new venture, founded by experienced tattooists and people involved with the local tattoo scene for years.

“Our studio was built on the foundations of friendly relationships and love of tattoos. At Monkey Hide there is no artificial laid back atmosphere. We’re all naturally laid back. All of us gained our experience in various places and it’s resulted in the creation of a place where we ourselves would like to be tattooed. No PR company backs us. We consider tattooing our lifestyle and we do not run a tattoo factory. If you want to get tattooed in a friendly atmosphere, where professional tattooists cultivate the tradition of the craft and translate it into contemporary trends, then you have to come down to the studio and visit us. See you soon”

Monkey Hide is a place born out of love for the tattoo; the result of incredible friendships and people working towards and sharing the same passion. A visit is encouraged not only by the great atmosphere within the studio but above all by the exceptionally talented people responsible. Let us introduce them to you.

Łukasz “Miskacz” Antosik
“I always draw inspiration from what surrounds me. The cartoon style in which I tattoo gives me unlimited opportunities to play with form and experiment. I also like to sneak things of the neo styles. I’ve been tattooing for eight years and I cannot imagine doing anything else. Tattooing has taught me, above all, patience and perseverance – traits that have also translated into my everyday life. It’s also fascinating to me that I can tattoo anywhere on Earth, giving me unlimited, priceless freedom”

Kordian Korsakowski
“My real tattoo adventure began about four years ago. This world fascinated me at an early age mainly due to it’s diversity. I am lucky to be able to participate in it, creating this studio with my friends where I gain new experiences every day. I’m inspired by nature and I especially like the rose, which I interpret in my own manner. At Monkey Hide, I deal with realistic tattoos, with lots of high contrast.”

Aniela “Horny Pony” Makarska
“I started tattooing about seven years ago but I have loved tattoos since childhood, seriously. I started drawing as soon as I learned to hold a pencil in my hand and that’s why my parents sent me to art school. Then the obvious continuation was ASP (Academy of Fine Arts). Between school and college, I started to tattoo. After two years of painting, I quit my studies to fully devote myself to what I wanted to do in my life – tattooing. My style is mainly black, classic style tattoos though I sometimes use colour. I’m primarily inspired by retro photography, old-school flash, the female body, plants, animals, and God”

Bartosz “Broda” Zieliński
Associated for many years with the Warsaw tattoo scene and a true citizen of the world, Broda loves travelling as much as tattooing. Always smiling and always positive, like his designs, Broda uses markers directly onto the body before creating one of his unique, colourful designs. His cartoon designs are eye-catching and instantly recognisable as a Broda piece. The most experienced of the team of Monkey Hide Tattoo, he’s as friendly as he is knowledgeable.

Bartłomiej Toczek
“I’ve been intrigued by tattoos since my youth. They decorated the arms of wrestlers and musicians on MTV, which I watched passionately in the 90’s. Tattoos have always been associated with counterculture and banishment from ordinariness. I love to witness, create and tattoo this kind of passion on myself and others. Tattoos are a passion that permeates through the greater part of my life. They are present in every moment of my day. At Monkey Hide, I try to use the several years of experience that I have gained working with great tattoo artists and managers. Earlier in life, I worked in many well-known Warsaw clubs, bars and “hangouts” – always close to people and their colourful stories. I try to sneak these stories and my affection for the 90’s into my tattoos, as a homage to my first days tattooing.

Monkey Hide Tattoo is one of the best examples that reputation and quality are not determined by the duration of a studio’s existence. Instead, they focus on the actual creation of fantastic, customer-inspired tattoos. We can wholly confirm that this talented team will not let you down.

This article for Tattoo Fan Magazine was prepared by Maria Śmigiel

Photographs of tattoos made available by Monkey Hide Tattoo

Interior photography of the studio by Patrycja Jędrzejewska

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