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The Rock’n’Roll Tattoo and Piercing studio is definitely a sector phenomenon on a global scale. Probably no other tattoo studio can boast of such a dynamic development and broad range as it is. For 11 years, it has been operating in Europe, where as many as 13 branches have been found in three countries so far. The first Polish Rock’n’Roll studio was opened in 2012 in Katowice.As it enjoyed great popularity, also among clients from Małopolska – voivodeship on the south of Poland, in 2015 its next branch was established in Krakow.Its founders say: “We wanted to create a rock’n’roll place with artistic soul and mega atmosphere. We treat this studio as our second home, in addition to work often our artists meet here to paint, sit and talk;). We are all like a family, each of us has a different character and we just complement each other. We share a passion for the world of tattoo, for music, but above all for art in general. We strive to make our clients feel comfortable here and have a nice time visiting our modest thresholds haha;) “.

We, however, ensure that these thresholds are not so modest. The studio is located in the heart of the old city, and its modern, very stylish interior makes a great impression on all visitors. Let’s not forget, however, that its unique character and extremely high level are created primarily by exceptional artists. Let us introduce them to you!

Kuba and Kitty are the two managers who take care of everything in the studio every day. Their daily goal is to create the best possible working conditions for artists, but also to make customers feel at home and come back with pleasure.

Konstantin Bekker

“I work in a realistic style (colors & bng) I’ve been painting since my early childhood and I’ve always liked the opportunity to implement my ideas. Ever since I could remember, I knew that I would deal with creativity, but the fact that it will be a tattoo, I understood about 10 years ago, that tattooing is what I wanted to do. Life and coincidence alone led me to this profession in which I fell in love. Now this is the work of my life. It’s nice to see your work on other people, see satisfied and happy customers. Btw, I’m not as dangerous as I look, I like to attend metal concerts with my wife Anna in my free time, travel and spend time in the bosom of nature “

Anna Bekker

Piercer and laser operator with 10 years of experience …and lawyer!

“On the way to court, I turned left and got to know Konstantin. This acquaintance has resulted in my interest in modification and the world of tattooing. Tattoos and earrings are something that brings a bit of color into a gray reality. When I see that the client is happy with my work, it means I’m doing it right. This is probably the best praise for everyone. I deal with my favorite pastime with pleasure “

Dominik Mika / Hated

“Hey! I am Dominik, with tattoos better known as “Hated”. I’m tattooing by accident, I came to the studio and they kept me here haha. Previously, I mainly dealt with graphics, sculpture and occasional painting. Currently, tattooing, I am looking hard for my path and I am trying to enrich the “realistic” theme with a more powerful character, give it a unique expression … I’m still looking for something new. Everyone is shouting at me for making dark pictures haha. “

Kaśka Rundstuk

“The idea to deal with tattoos was born in my head in the middle of my studies. I studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts and I wanted, in spite of the painter’s stereotype, to be appreciated during my lifetime;). Great teachers, helpful hands and legs that have been made available to me, I found in Krakow Rock’n’Roll, where I work now and I envy myself. We create a unique atmosphere together, which is one of the biggest advantages of this place. In the tattoo I try different solutions, I am looking for my own way and I am waiting for new challenges. “

Kamil Kurdziel / Boltan

“I am self-taught, I always liked to draw, I spent every free moment on improving the drawing. The idea for tattooing suddenly appeared and in this direction I decided to go. Now I would not exchange for any time that I devoted to it and the atmosphere that accompanied me in the studio while looking for style and continuous learning 🙂 “

Natalia Grabowska / Nat Grab Tattoo

“I finished painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź, it was then that my tattoo adventure began seriously. I love to do colorful neotraditional and general feminine motifs. I am a person who likes to take up challenges, which is why during my artistic journey I decided to move to Krakow, thanks to which I could continue to polish my workshop and get to know many inspiring artists 🙂

Maciek Rogala / Rogalskytattoo

“My adventures with tattooing started five years ago. From an early age I was accompanied by a drawing, which I honed at home. Black and white realistic works are the style in which I find myself.

Ian Shakhmatov

I was born and raised in the east of Ukraine. I’ve drawn ever since I was a child, but at some point I decided that in my life there would be no place for art, and I would spend the rest doing “normal” work. Everything changed when I became interested in the field of tattoo seven years ago. I made my first tattoo in 2013 and I promised myself that this job would become my job. I started with ornaments and dot / lineworks, but after a while I wanted to put something fresh into my style. I began to be interested in other fields of art such as illustration, poster, graphics, sketch. All these topics influenced my work. I always try to make my projects one of a kind, this challenge is very important to me. 

Rock’n’Roll Tattoo and Piercing is a place that, thanks to an extremely talented and stylistically diverse team, will meet all expectations, even the most demanding customers. . In addition to resident tattoo artists, you can often find world-class artists from Poland and abroad. Be sure to keep them in mind when making your next “tattoo” choices!

The article for Tattoo Fan Magazine was prepared by Maria Śmigiel

The photographs used were made available by the Rock’n’Roll Tattoo and Piercing studio in Krakow

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